Translated Updates its Adaptive MT for Superior Brand-Specific Terminology

ModernMT V7 now has a redesigned glossary feature that gives clients the ability to enforce preferred terminology in the machine translation output. It also scans content to prevent potential cultural offenses.

Rome – August 29, 2023

As machine translation (MT) increasingly expands to new applications across the enterprise landscape, our clients are looking to incorporate specialized capabilities to enforce critical terminology and maintain brand identity. As enterprises expand their global reach, they also need to detect and address potentially problematic translations early on to minimize the risk of cultural offenses. Today, Translated is introducing new updates to its adaptive machine translation (MT) system that address these concerns and provide our clients with greater control over the terminology used in their translations than ever before.

ModernMT V7 now includes two new features to address these issues:

  • A redesigned glossary to automatically match MT suggestions with a customer-supplied glossary.
  • A profanity filter to identify potentially inappropriate or culturally insensitive terms in translation suggestions.

These enhancements represent the most advanced offering for companies that use unique jargon, brand language, or specialized context-sensitive terms and seek to maintain brand consistency and cultural sensitivity as they continue to expand their use of machine translation.

We see ourselves as a partner, not a vendor. That's why we're constantly updating our products as our clients' needs evolve. By enhancing our adaptive MT for outstanding brand-specific terminology, we're enabling our clients to better establish their brand and connect even more deeply with their global audience.
Marco Trombetti – Translated CEO

A Redesigned Glossary for Brand-Specific MT

ModernMT's adaptive MT model has been designed from the outset to automatically learn customer-specific terminology. It does this through a reliable and robust built-in process that learns critical terms from past translations. So far, this approach has met the glossary requirements of our clients. But as MT usage has expanded into new use cases and the localization needs of global brands have evolved, businesses sometimes need specific controls for distinctive and emerging terms that are crucial to their brand identity. The revamped glossary capability empowers customers to implement their preferred terminology and override the model's suggestions.

With this new capability, clients get brand-specific MT and advanced control over the terms used in their translations. They can now provide a glossary file that the MT will reference to apply preferred or specific terms in a particular context, determine which statements should remain unchanged, and specify if any words should not be translated into a particular language. In addition, brands can instantly modify their wording and ensure that the translators working with them are aligned with the company's language and values.

The intent is to give clients much more self-managed control over how the MT model translates critical terminology. This allows them to quickly correct issues that may not become apparent until weeks or months after large volumes of content have been published.

A Profanity Filter for Cultural Sensitivity

The new profanity filter masks words in translation suggestions that may be considered offensive in the target language, prompting the translator to take a closer look, and allowing for early detection of rare but highly visible problems. This feature strengthens the symbiosis between professional translators and machine translation, a hallmark of ModernMT, to deliver the best possible translations for companies as they expand around the world.

Availability and Costs

The redesigned glossary and profanity filter are available today at no additional cost to all ModernMT clients. Users must upload their glossary via the API and then specify which glossary to use for a given translation job in order to take advantage of the new glossary functionality. For more information and support, clients can contact their account manager.

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