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24th Nov 2021

We signed a deal with Airbnb to provide the hosting platform with a combination of professional and machine translation to make all the content on the platform available in 62 languages.
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10th Nov 2021

Translated CEO Marco Trombetti gave a talk at NVIDIA’s game-changing AI developer conference to show how our context-aware machine translation works to deliver closest-to-human MT.
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30th Sep 2021

The rise in our energy consumption due to the increasing demand for our AI-powered solutions led us to look for a clean source of energy. In the end, we bought a hydropower plant from 1895 and restored it.
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9th June 2022
Translated has been included in the Gartner’s 2022 Market Guide for AI-Enabled Translation Services. We are the only companies providing established translation services and the best adaptive machine translation.
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25th May 2022
We’ve just released Matesub, an innovative AI- and web-based subtitling tool developed to help subtitlers and companies craft higher quality subtitles in less time.
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12th May 2022
Translated has finalized the merger with ModernMT, one of the best 3 performing customized MT engines. ModernMT provides state-of-the-art neural machine translation as a service that learns from translation memories and translators' corrections, adapting to the context.
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