Translated 9 Embarks on Final Leg of Ocean Globe Race

Punta del Este – Mar 06, 2024

After overcoming the challenges of Cape Horn and repairing significant hull damage in the Falklands, Translated 9 set sail today for the fourth leg of the Ocean Globe Race. In a remarkable display of resilience, innovation, and collective effort, our crew is ready to face the final part of the contest with a renewed determination to win.

The unexpected stop on February 10th and the resulting logistical challenges faced while carrying out repairs in such a remote location highlighted the resourcefulness of the Translated 9 crew. Despite the lack of nearby facilities, the team came up with innovative solutions, such as using a cargo ship's crane and crafting the necessary repair materials from local resources.

Translated 9 now welcomes aboard Translated’s Chairwoman Isabelle Andrieu. With her inspiring vision and shared commitment to excellence, Isabelle's presence marks a significant moment in our journey.

By teaming up with great people with deeply held values and attitudes, we believe that we can overcome any challenge, including what others consider impossible.
Isabelle Andrieu – Translated's Chairwoman

After winning the first two legs and being forced to abandon the third while leading the regatta, Translated 9’s crew will do whatever it takes to win, driven not just by the desire for victory, but by a profound belief in our crew, our values, and the boundless potential of human collaboration.

At Translated, we love difficult challenges, the ones that seem beyond our abilities, the ones that scare us at first, but for which we have admiration. We love them because they make us and the people around us grow.
Marco Trombetti – Translated's CEO

Get on Board in San Francisco

The Translated 9 project is not limited to this race. Translated has set up a twin sailboat in San Francisco where localization professionals from around the world can experience the thrill of ocean sailing and be trained by Paul Cayard, a seven-time world champion who has circumnavigated the globe twice and won the Ocean Globe Race in 1998. Companies and individuals interested in experiencing ocean sailing aboard Translated 9 in San Francisco can send a request to

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