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Translated brings top-performing linguists and AI-powered localization tools together to help companies gain a superior understanding of their customers worldwide and achieve a remarkable return on investment.

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Success stories

Ensuring brand consistency across different countries

We designed an efficient localization workflow for marketing content, with clear communication channels and a dedicated team of experienced linguists.

Reaching 1 billion new customers in just 3 months

We orchestrated the largest and fastest language expansion ever by bringing the best translators, copywriters, and machine translation together in one place.

Speaking the customers’ language – literally

We localized the onboarding video library (100+ minutes) in three languages over two weeks by combining linguists with our state-of-the-art expressive AI voices.

Pioneering the perfect symbiosis between linguists and machine translation since 1999

Translated uses an effective AI ranking tool to identify the best linguists for any project from a network of 300,000+ vetted, native-speaking professionals. Once we identify the best translator for the job, we provide them with AI-powered localization software that utilizes our award-winning, patented, context-adaptive machine translation (MT).

Our intelligent tools free linguists from redundant tasks so they can focus on language nuances that lead to higher-quality translations. Through this synergy, linguists get better suggestions while MT keeps learning, helping them become more efficient, adaptable, and cost-effective every day.

Your all-in-one global partner

Our clients save time and money by sourcing the best linguists and technology from a single vendor, so they can focus more of their efforts on working with our team of designers, engineers, and PMs.

A comprehensive localization suite,
fully powered by AI

Adaptive MT, Superior translations
All of our products utilize ModernMT, our award-winning, patented context-adaptive MT technology. It learns from previous translations and post-editing to recognize language context in real-time, providing better suggestions to linguists so they can focus on the most sophisticated translations.
Powerful text, audio, and video translation software
We provide all of our translators with AI-powered tools such as Matecat, Matesub, and Matedub, which eliminate redundant tasks and allow the linguist to focus on the creative aspects of their localization task. All of these tools are augmented by ModernMT, our leading, adaptive machine translation technology.
An unbiased ranking tool to scout first-rate talent
We identify the best linguists for every project thanks to T-Rank, a customizable, AI-driven, proprietary software with 20+ years of training. It ranks translators and copywriters on over 30 factors, including their resume, performance, and expertise in relevant subjects.

Rapidly scalable services for every requirement

An unparalleled network of native linguists
We can translate large projects in hours and smaller ones in minutes thanks to a vast network of 300,000+ vetted, native-speaking translators. We coach linguists and work with top copywriters worldwide to deliver consistent quality and grasp the client’s tone of voice quickly.
An innovative hybrid vendor model that optimizes costs
For the most challenging projects, our industry-leading in-house team works with a pool of thousands of freelancers worldwide to optimize costs and let clients add as many locales as they want.
An ever-expanding offering covering 40+ domains
Our professional translators are skilled in over 40 areas of expertise, including advertising, websites, software localization, video captioning, subtitling, dubbing, multilingual DTP, chatbots, and official translations. Don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t find what you need: we can build any custom service and welcome the challenge.

A deep understanding of clients’ needs

Intelligent KPI monitoring and direct access to linguists
With TranslationOS, our headless TMS platform, we connect clients directly with over 300,000+ vetted, native-speaking translators. Our platform provides real-time visibility of linguist profiles and valuable KPIs such as financial projections and performance quality.
Insightful localization analytics
We developed the first-ever analytics tool for localization, helping our customers keep track of every detail related to their activity. Like a Google Analytics for localization, it provides enterprises with the actionable data they’re looking for.
Tailored targeting data for destination countries
T-Index, a product of our in-house research center, Imminent, is an effective ranking tool that identifies the best countries to target based on their potential for online sales.

A loyal partnership built on shared goals

Collaborative processes that maximize ROI
We develop the entire localization process in partnership with each of our clients. First we establish their specific goals, then we provide market and brand analysis to identify the best and most profitable locales to target.
An intercultural perspective on language
Through our research center, Imminent, we support companies through localization, language data research funding, and reward the best initiatives that advance technology and creativity for international communication.
A collaborative community of like-minded clients
We believe that the right fit is crucial to success. We’re building a community of like-minded collaborators to help everyone to understand and be understood in their own language. Join us for a boat ride through the San Francisco Bay to learn more about the Translated 9 project.

We are proud to provide carbon-free localizations

We believe that we all share a responsibility for what we consume and produce. To offset our AI-related carbon footprint and push for a clean AI movement, we bought and restored a hydroelectric power plant designed by Albert Einstein’s father in 1895.

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