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What is TranslationOS?

TranslationOS is the operating system for translation. It connects your content to the world's best linguists selected from a team of 187,629 freelancers. Data intake and workload distribution is fully managed by T‑Rank™ and by our Lead Linguists. Project managers and Community managers will handle exceptions and make sure you have the most engaged workforce ever.

Discover TranslationOS

Manage unpredictable volumes for translation

Products releases, urgencies and market volatility are the first causes of unpredictable variations in volumes for translation, and they require extraordinary workforce capacities. TranslationOS always grants you access to the ideal translators for your project, relying on our team of 187,629 linguists.

Support more languages, increase your reach

As you grow, long-tail customers in every corner of the world expect to interact with you and your products in their own language and dialects. TranslationOS has built-in coverage of 153 languages and 1600 language pairs, including several minority languages for the Indian and African markets.

Accelerate global product releases, sell faster

The world's most influential companies release their products simultaneously in every country. That's hard to achieve, and you can't afford any frictions. TranslationOS offers unprecedented features for content reuse and continuous localization, which can cut release turnarounds from weeks to days.

Remove unnecessary intermediation costs

The money wasted in redundant management activities rather than quality improvements is too often difficult to quantify. TranslationOS relies on AI to allow a "project management by exception" approach: any tasks where humans are prone to mistakes are fully automated.

Who is it for?

TranslationOS is the ideal solution for smart content owners that want to unleash the efficiency of a vendor-free model.

You are in control

Don't react. Predict.

The typical vendor model forces clients to adopt a reactive approach: quality errors due to production capacity overload, as well as costs for fixing them and missed-revenues for their impact are scarcely predictable. TranslationOS stimulates proactive solutions by forecasting key aspects such as financial needs vs. real-time run rate of current purchase orders, or linguists capacity vs. daily volumes.

Make informed business decisions.

The lack of tools that measure and keep track of your translation costs prevents you from improving your globalization processes. TranslationOS comes with comprehensive financial, productivity, and quality dashboards that allow you to make the most informed business decisions, both at project and at workflow level.

Key benefits

Scalability and resource management

Linguists recruitment is just the first of many steps in localization workflows: training, onboarding and turnover management are all the activities that any vendor has to master. When either of these steps is inefficient, it reflects on the quality of translations. TranslationOS gives you access to the world’s largest pool of qualified linguists and relies on T-Rank™ to assign jobs to the top performers. In addition, we provide high-touch training at Translated Headquarters to align Lead Linguists with your requirements, while you can always expand the translators pool with your own human resources to increase capacity.

Community feedback

What if your users and translators disagree on the quality of your content? Users have a very clear idea about the tone of voice they want to be addressed with, while language professionals lean toward linguistic purity. TranslationOS integrates a community feedback tool to let your users inform you whether the localized content works for them or not.

A look inside TranslationOS

Data intake

Custom connectors plus 21 tool connectors and 71 file formats.

Business logic

Merges the flow of strings into tasks to maximize translators’ acceptance rate, and context to match contractual TAT and quality.

Automated resource management

Ranking of translators and reviewers, turnover management, and job assignment. Discover T-Rank™

World class productivity tools

Matecat, LexiQA, and MMT for neural adaptive MT.

Linguistic QA

Analytical and data-driven approach to quality assurance. Business intelligence: financial, productivity, and quality data.

Continuous improvement:

Four levels of quality feedback that let the system improve in real-time. Tools to allow reviewers, project managers, clients, and end-users express satisfaction for each job.

Discover our technologies

Translation APIs for continuous localization, advanced repetition leveraging, content extraction from 71 file formats and 21 content sources, neural adaptive machine translation, and much more.

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