1 billion new people in 3 months

How Airbnb achieved the largest and quickest language expansion ever with Translated.

The challenge

80+ locales to expand the business

Airbnb required to adapt the brand values to now cover 220+ countries and regions, with serious consideration for cultural diversity.

30+ completely new languages

The same quality as the existing languages – which took years – was required, including for low resources languages.

1,200+ qualified linguists

To achieve the expansion in 3 months, it was required to find and quickly train an impressive number of professional translators.

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Translated's impact

A proven and reliable process, working with a single partner

Rapid linguists selection & training

To pinpoint the top 1% of linguists for each language from our network of 500,000+ professionals, we relied on an AI-powered ranking system, translation tests, and a survey of Airbnb’s most critical localization elements.

Copywriters for quality & consistency

We supported language leads with copywriters to harmonize with Airbnb’s tone of voice faster and coach linguists. By hosting them at our offices, we got the same commitment as in-house workers and maintained scalability.

Real-time visibility over translators and KPIs

We built a platform offering Airbnb real-time and direct communication with the linguists, as well as access to all materials and insight into relevant KPIs, including financial projections, quality performance, and linguist profiles.

'Global by Design' now ranks Airbnb among the top 3 best-localized brands of the world

«Thanks to Translated’s world-class team and tools, plus our innovative partnership, Airbnb was able to launch one of the largest and quickest language expansions ever while keeping the whole project cost-effective and achieving a remarkable ROI.»
Salvo Giammarresi - Airbnb Head of Localization

Benefits of a single global partner

  • The same provider for translation and technology

  • We rank 500,000+ linguists for each project with AI-powered software and custom tests. We develop localization tools that include the closest-to-human MT offering. Our product team is ready to implement any custom solution.

  • Joint team working on shared goals

  • We co-design the entire localization process with our clients, acting as a partner. We start from the client’s goals and provide market and brand analysis to identify the best locales to target in order to maximize ROI.

  • More time to work with the internal team

  • Thanks to our innovative approach, our clients save the time and money required to manage and align multiple vendors and can focus on working more with designers, engineers and PMs in their internal team.

  • Optimized costs for remarkable ROI

  • By leveraging our new hybrid model (leading in-house team + freelancers around the world) and already having all the technology required, we optimize costs and allow clients to add as many locales as they want.

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