The story of a girl with the gift of language

The ability to produce and understand language makes humans unique. It’s a gift that opens doors to people, cultures and ideas. We believe that linguistic diversity shouldn’t be a barrier to understanding, but an opportunity to create a future in which everyone can communicate more meaningfully. Lara is the story of a girl with a special gift – she can speak all the languages in the world.

Who is Lara?

Lara is a girl from Salina, a small island off the coast of Sicily that is rich in natural beauty. We follow her journey from childhood to early adulthood as she discovers her unique gift and uses it throughout her community.


The power of community

A language is only as powerful as its community. Without communities, languages would cease to exist. The success of our film owes much to the people of Sicily, who embraced numerous acting roles in the film during our three-day shoot. From the Greek professor and the doctor to the baker and the priest, the involvement of the local community was key to making this film happen.

Lara’s mission represents our values

After 20 years in the translation business, we felt it was time to create an unprecedented story illustrating the wonders of language. This project represents the values that make us who we are. More importantly, it is a gift to all the people working in the translation industry who strive tirelessly to provide the services and tools that make our lives easier and allow us to communicate meaningfully in any language.

Language your way

Lara connects with people in different languages and empowers them with new experiences.

Generous and optimistic

Lara is open-minded, cooperative and knows how to have fun. She is generous and uses her linguistic abilities to help others.

Smart and straightforward

Lara’s unique gift makes complex tasks seem simple. She effortlessly uses it to take the hassle out of translation.

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