Translated’s MT recognized by CSA Research as the most advanced implementation of responsive MT

The latest CSA Research Vendor Briefing outlines how Translated’s machine translation offers compelling advantages over previous generations of neural MT and has a strong position as a market leader in the sector.

Rome – February 2, 2023

We are delighted to announce that our machine translation (MT) service, ModernMT, has been recognized as the most advanced implementation of "responsive machine translation" by CSA Research, the premier market research firm specializing in the language services and technology industry.

In 2021, CSA Research coined the term “responsive machine translation” to describe anticipated developments that would make MT more useful and adaptable. Recently, the company’s researchers conducted a detailed analysis of Translated’s MT and gave the system high marks in the categories that define responsive MT. The resulting Vendor Briefing reported how ModernMT offers state-of-the-art advantages over previous generations of neutral MT and has a strong position as a market leader in the sector. The report states:

“Various companies, academics, and research organizations have staked their claim to assorted pieces of this vision, but Translated’s ModernMT is arguably the most advanced implementation to date”.

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ModernMT is currently the leading offering on the market for ‘responsive machine translation,’ a paradigm that helps ensure the relevance and usefulness of MT output. It combines whole document-context and adaptive MT to deliver a scalable enterprise-grade solution more capable of meeting quality expectations than traditional MT.
Arle Lommel – CSA Research Senior Analyst

About Translated’s Machine Translation

Translated’s machine translation, named ModernMT, is an adaptive, patent-awarded MT engine that supports more than 2,100 language combinations and is available for both real-time and batch translation. It took inspiration from the human brain not just for its neural structure but for its incredible capacity to adapt, learn from new experiences, and interact with other humans. The result is a unique, patent-awarded, human-in-the-loop approach, a symbiosis where machine and human continuously assist each other, providing outstanding translation quality and process efficiency that surpasses any previous method.

CSA Research has also recognized Translated's MT as a responsive machine translation system that emphasizes the importance of human expertise in language services. The researchers noted:

"As the company extends into areas that previously had no translation or that relied on low-grade unedited MT, it is creating green fields for professionals that can leverage machines. The role of expert linguists will become increasingly important."

This accolade complements those that our MT and AI-enabled translation services received from IDC and Gartner. We are thrilled that all leading analysts worldwide acknowledge Translated’s pivotal role in redefining the translation industry through advances in machine translation and the powerful symbiosis between AI and professional translators.
Marco Trombetti – Translated's CEO

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