Announcing Imminent's 2024 Research Report: “Symbiotic Connections”

The report explores the symbiosis between humans and machines, examining cognitive processes and language and highlighting technological advances driven by large language models and socio-technical system design challenges.

Rome – 9 July 2024

We are pleased to announce the publication of 'Symbiotic Connections,’ the fourth annual research report from our research center, Imminent. The 2024 edition of the report delves into the symbiotic relationship between humans and machines, focusing on cognitive processes and language, and how machines can enhance human capabilities. This exploration encompasses localization activities, technological advances, and cognitive function studies, highlighting the design challenges and opportunities within socio-technical systems.

"Humans co-evolve with their technologies. Their vision of the consequences of their innovations is embedded in the quality of the outcome. The design of socio-technical systems is an announced but unexplored frontier that should appeal to all humans who are aware of the great challenges they face. Imminent's 2024 Research Report is dedicated to them".
Luca De Biase – Imminent Research Director

Insights are provided not only by selected authors but also by a vibrant community of innovation specialists in cross-cultural relations and translation. This community thrives through daily collaboration on Translated's projects, including the 2023/24 Unconferences series, which spans three continents.

This year's edition features in-depth coverage of large language models, from their origins to applications in translation and global innovations, by our tech evangelist Kirti Vashee. Eugenia Urrere, founder of Indigenius, presents a global overview of the current state of indigenous languages. Cosimo Accoto, a tech philosopher and MIT fellow offers an analysis of the transition towards socio-technical systems based on superhuman thinking. In addition, the latest research report includes a comprehensive report on the series of Unconferences that Imminent has organized worldwide over the past year.

Since its inception in 2021, Imminent has been dedicated to exploring, connecting, and sharing cutting-edge research on language and AI. The overwhelmingly positive response to our research reports has led us to reprint previous issues to meet the high demand. These reports have offered deep insights into various markets, highlighting the significant impact of language and cultural nuances on business expansion.

This week, Multilingual Magazine will distribute the 2024 Research Report to all its subscribers. You can request a copy of the magazine at

"We are approaching the singularity in translation faster than expected. We are seeing it right now. While this will be beneficial for everyone, we all feel the need to get a better understanding of what's happening, on a technological and human level, and this Imminent report is a very useful guide to our future".
Marco Trombetti – founder and CEO of Translated

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