Translated party

20 years ago we had a dream: to connect the entire world through languages.

20 years of Translated

We believe that human creativity is underrated.
We believe that the world is not leveraging the full creative potential of humans.
We believe that machines should aim to free your time to let you express your creativity, rather than trying to replace you.
We believe that if done right, machines and humans are better together.
To do this, we work with the best translators in the world, who trained AI engines to help professionals work at their very best.

Today after 20 years we're still moving forward

Let's Celebrate together

Translated is 20 years old this year!
Thank you so much for the incredible work, passion and friendship you have given us.

It means the world to us, which is why the team has decided to split up and simultaneously travel to 18 cities worldwide to celebrate with our closest partners: translators.
This party is not about celebrating us, it is about celebrating you.

The reason for this is that we believe that outstanding translations will be produced when we connect with the best translators wherever they are, and also when we have a strong and meaningful relationship with them.

A simultaneous party

For our 20th anniversary, we have chosen 18 countries around the world, and our team members traveled to meet up with hundreds of translators in person!

This was an unprecedented event in the world of translation: 10,000 translators from 4 continents have been invited to join the parties.

We really wanted to share our happiness with our translators in 18 cities worldwide. A unique opportunity to celebrate Translated’s anniversary and take our relationship to the next level. Because we believe that humans will make the difference and lead the change.

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