Translated releases Matesub Higher quality subtitles in less time

Rome, 30th May, 2022

Translated is excited to announce the release of Matesub, an innovative web-based and AI-powered subtitling tool developed to help subtitlers and companies craft higher quality subtitles in less time. With Matesub, state-of-the-art AI takes care of the most time-consuming tasks involved in the subtitling process, such as positioning text and checking compliance with the provided guidelines, allowing linguists to focus on the creative part of the job. The system auto-detects shot changes and allows users to edit subtitles and position them with frame-level precision. These features are combined with a powerful WYSIWYG editor that shows subtitles exactly as they will be displayed in the final video.

In the last decade, the amount of audiovisual content produced and consumed every day has reached unprecedented volumes. According to MESA Europe, the market for audiovisual content translation now exceeds $2bn, with year-over-year growth ranging from 40% to 80% for the leading companies, as per their statements. We noticed that the demand for subtitling and dubbing was growing faster than the industry’s ability to train professionals and develop modern, reliable tools. Many translators still rely on manual procedures with high costs and lengthy turnaround times. For this reason, our team started developing a cutting-edge tool that soon became our production software. During the same period, Matecat users started asking us for a separate tool for audiovisual jobs. We thus considered releasing Matesub as a product.

Matesub has been in the private beta phase for several months now. Translators working for our clients, together with lots of early adopters, have already been using it. We are delighted to announce that version 1.0 is now available to everyone. It offers an Individual plan for professionals starting at €50 per month, and an Enterprise plan for teams and companies starting at €200 per month. A Starter plan allows users to try out the features of the Individual plan, with 60 minutes of free uploads per month.

This new product represents a huge step forward in our mission to allow everyone to understand and be understood in their own language and opens the door to reimagining audiovisual translation.

Cutting-edge speech recognition plus custom MT

With Matesub, Translated is taking the first step in expanding the powerful symbiosis between humans and machines built with Matecat, the first web-based and AI-powered CAT tool, released in 2014. Matesub transcribes the original audio through cutting-edge speech recognition technology. It then provides the subtitler with a pre-processed translation, available in 56 languages, by leveraging a custom version of Translated’s ModernMT, one of the 3 best-performing customized MT engines according to Intento’s 2021 report on The State of Machine Translation.

Working with Matesub

Guideline selection
and auto-spotting

  • Users can upload videos in any format.
  • Matesub provides a complete transcription and pre-processed translation of the video content within a few minutes.
  • Auto-spotting positions the MT-generated subtitles according to the selected guidelines (Netflix, Disney, TED, or custom).

Real-time QA check
and easy export

  • Users can review the videos with the subtitles in real time, without having to download any drafts.
  • Matesub immediately provides warnings regarding selected or defined guideline violations, such as characters per line or reading speed.
  • The subtitles can be exported in the most commonly used formats.

Encrypted cloud hosting and easy sharing

  • Users don’t have to export the final video. Once the job is done, the subtitles are available to be shared with a download link.
  • Every single file uploaded in Matesub is securely stored and encrypted in the cloud.
  • Users have complete control over who can access each file.

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