Unveiling “Human Touch”
A Short Film That Celebrates Human Uniqueness

At a time when artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating the headlines, our commercial aims to celebrate the immeasurable value that people bring to the world of translation and shine a spotlight on the role of humans in the advancement of technology.

Rome – September 14, 2023

In recent times, the world has celebrated what AI can do in all sectors. This is not new territory for Translated: Since 1999, we have developed AI to help translators perform their job better and faster, with the goal of allowing everyone to understand and be understood in their own language. Today, we rarely see humans celebrated as they should be these days.

Recognizing that no technology advances or even matters without the contributions of people, Translated wanted to produce a short film that highlights their crucial capabilities.

Every day, we humans translate language without words, even if we aren’t aware of it. We have the unique power to translate each other instantly, turning every micro-expression, look, gesture, and touch into meaningful communication with one another. We’re capable of this because our cultural understanding allows us to connect beyond words. We remember, we imagine, we interpret everything based on our experiences and our beliefs.

Nothing can translate a human like a human. That's the Human Touch.

This is why Translated has pioneered a unique form of collaboration that combines both human creativity and artificial intelligence. Through this powerful symbiosis, we’ve helped billions of people understand and communicate with each other, made possible by combining the nuanced abilities and uniqueness of professional translators with the capacity and speed of machine translation.

Language is the most important factor in human evolution, and yet the full potential of language has not been unlocked. Ensuring that everyone can understand and be understood is one of the most impactful pursuits. We believe in humans, and in their crucial role for the future of technology.
Marco Trombetti – Translated Co-Founder and CEO

Translated's motto, "We believe in humans", represents the company's commitment to developing the best possible symbiosis between professional translators and artificial intelligence. We believe this is the only way to allow everyone to understand and be understood in their own language.

Human Touch was previewed at UNESCO's Digital Learning Week, where our CEO, Marco Trombetti, was invited to present Translated's approach to human-machine symbiosis and generative AI to a group of AI researchers, policymakers, and representatives of UN agencies.

There's nothing more inherently human than our delicate yet intricate nature. Now, at this perfect moment, we celebrate our uniqueness, embracing both our fragility and complexity. Empowered by technology, we have the potential to elevate ourselves and achieve remarkable feats.
Isabelle Andrieu – Translated Co-Founder and Chairwoman

About the Making of Human Touch

Translated’s commercial was produced by the independent creative agency Auge Communication, who Translated previously collaborated with on the short film Lara. It was directed by Martin Werner, one of the most awarded and sought-after film directors in the world (Grand Prix at the New York Film Festival, Grand Prix at Eurobest and Epica, and several Cannes Lions), who is renowned for his ability to transcend traditional advertising formats by incorporating elements of short films and feature-length narratives. The original soundtrack was composed by Michele Braga, an award-winning Italian composer.