Translated 9's
Stellar Triumph

Translated 9 won the second leg of the Ocean Globe Race, taking a trio of titles: first in Line Honors, IRC, and Flyer Class. On board was a representative of the localization industry: Paul Marshall.

Auckland – December 12, 2023

Translated 9 has achieved another historic victory, crossing the finish line in Auckland to complete the second leg of the Ocean Globe Race, a regatta without modern technology on board and with a crew composed of 70% non-professionals.

After 36 days and 7,500 nautical miles on the Southern Indian Ocean, at 1:25 pm local time on December 12, the boat triumphed in Auckland, taking a trio of titles: first in Line Honors, IRC, and Flyer Class. Translated has demonstrated that by joining forces with individuals who have exceptional values and attitudes, you can overcome any challenge and achieve anything.

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To all those who underestimated us in the last leg, I said that by the end of this stage, we would prove what we are made of. We have removed all doubt. Believing in humans pays off.
Marco Trombetti – Translated's CEO

The Localization Sailboat

Translated 9 is the first sailboat from the localization industry to participate in a round-the-world race. In addition to Translated’s founders Marco Trombetti (co-skipper) and Isabelle Andrieu (team coach), the crew includes Teresa Marshall (VP Globalization & Localization at Salesforce) and Paul Marshall (Instructor at International Gateways – San Jose State University). The full crew consists of 17 people from 6 countries, who will alternate on board during the four legs of the race.

It was interesting to watch how fast a crew from five different countries could learn to work as a team. Even though we came from five different countries, we pretty quickly came up with our own hybrid communication style. Single words from different languages shouted, or gestures that could communicate from across a pitching deck with the wind howling. The surprise and shared excitement of discovering we’d won transcended any language differences.
Paul Marshall – Instructor at International Gateways

Get on Board in San Francisco

The Translated 9 project is not limited to this race. Translated has set up a twin sailboat in San Francisco where localization professionals from around the world can experience the thrill of ocean sailing and be trained by Paul Cayard, a seven-time world champion who has circumnavigated the globe twice and won the Ocean Globe Race in 1998. Companies and individuals interested in experiencing ocean sailing aboard Translated 9 in San Francisco can send a request to

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