Translated's CEO, Marco Trombetti, speaking at the NVIDIA GTC Conference Fall 2021

November 10th, 2021

Translated CEO Marco Trombetti is speaking at NVIDIA GTC Conference Fall 2021, the online conference where the most brilliant minds explore the most transformative technologies of our time! In this video, you can discover how Translated uses adaptive neural networks to deliver context-aware translations that have been described as the "closest to human" available.

«We use AI not to replace translators, but to help them in being faster, more productive, and enjoying their work more».
Marco Trombetti – Translated CEO

Marco explains why ModernMT is using a single adaptive model, much simpler to manage compared to a large amount of smaller custom models. You’ll see how adaptation can be done at an inference time within a few hundreds milliseconds, and the challenges we have faced.

«Adaptive Neural Networks and GPUs allow a better symbiosis between humans and machines. Human-in-the-loop approach at its best».
Marco Trombetti – Translated CEO

Our mission is to allow everyone to understand and be understood in their own language. This will not happen by machines replacing humans. The fastest and most sustainable path to achieve this goal is a true symbiosis between humans and machines.

About Translated

Translated has been offering human translation services for the last 20 years in 194 languages and 40 areas of expertise. The company uses a powerful combination of human creativity and machine intelligence to craft consistent quality translations at speed.