Rounding Cape Horn

Our sailboat will set sail on January 14 for the third leg of the Ocean Globe Race, from Auckland (NZ) to Punta del Este (UY), one of the most adventurous and demanding segments of the race.

Auckland – January 12, 2023

Translated 9, the sailboat representing Translated, will set sail on January 14 from Auckland, New Zealand, to Punta del Este, Uruguay, for the third leg of the Ocean Globe Race, the regatta celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first crewed, round-the-world voyage. This incredible race limits the number of sailing professionals to 30% of the crew and only allows them to use technology that was available in the 1970s. The crew from Translated 9 has already won the first two legs of the race, from Southampton (UK) to Cape Town (SA) and from Cape Town (SA) to Auckland (NZ), and will now face their most difficult test: rounding Cape Horn, the Everest of sailing.

Sailing around Cape Horn means successfully navigating the unique and daunting conditions created by the convergence of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The sea around Cape Horn is characterized by a combination of extreme currents, winds over 50 knots, and waves up to 30 meters high.

Translated 9 is not only a sporting adventure, but also a project that brings together great individuals from the world of technology and language. A sister sailboat, led by seven-time world champion sailor Paul Cayard, is hosting ocean training sessions in San Francisco Bay, dedicated to those who believe that with courage, determination and resilience, anything is possible.

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At Translated, we love difficult challenges, the ones that seem beyond our abilities, the ones that scare us at first, but for which we have admiration. We love them because they make us and the people around us grow.
Marco Trombetti – Translated's CEO

The Localization Sailboat

Translated 9 is the first sailboat from the localization industry to participate in a round-the-world race. In addition to Translated’s founders Marco Trombetti (co-skipper) and Isabelle Andrieu (team coach), the crew includes Teresa Marshall (VP Globalization & Localization at Salesforce) and Paul Marshall (Instructor at International Gateways – San Jose State University). The full crew consists of 17 people from 7 countries, who will alternate on board during the four legs of the race.

Today, with AI dominating the news, we want to remember the central role of humans in this beautiful revolution. We believe that only a symbiosis between humans and machines will allow both to face the new challenges of humanity while respecting human dignity.
Isabelle Andrieu – Translated's Chairwoman

Get on Board in San Francisco

The Translated 9 project is not limited to this race. Translated has set up a twin sailboat in San Francisco where localization professionals from around the world can experience the thrill of ocean sailing and be trained by Paul Cayard, a seven-time world champion who has circumnavigated the globe twice and won the Ocean Globe Race in 1998. Companies and individuals interested in experiencing ocean sailing aboard Translated 9 in San Francisco can send a request to

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