Translated’s New Shopify App Helps Merchants Expand to Global Markets

Rome, 8th September, 2022

Translated is proud to announce the release of an official Shopify app that enables the platform's users to take advantage of the same powerful symbiosis between professional native speaking human translators and AI -powered machine translation services relied upon by e-commerce leaders such as Faire,, and ManoMano. With this new product, we will help merchants of every size expand their reach to billions of native speakers and increase revenues in a simple, scalable, and cost-effective way.

Tired of seeing badly translated product descriptions that were impossible to understand, we decided to build this new app to solve a global problem. We believe that a symbiotic combination of human creativity and machine intelligence is the key to shaping those emotions that drive sales in a faster, more cost effective way. That’s why we’ve developed ground breaking technology, including MyMemory (the world’s largest collaborative translation memory) and ModernMT (neural machine translation) to help our translators cut out repetitive tasks and focus on linguistic and cultural nuances.

The Translated app is already available in the Shopify marketplace and provides two kinds of services:

  • Human supervised: A light edit of a machine-generated translation by a native professional translator to remove the most serious errors.
  • Crafted by humans: A translation and quality check by a native professional translator scouted by an AI-powered algorithm and supported by AI-powered tools to reduce delivery time and increase translation quality. Final quality control is done by a dedicated project manager.

Users can install the app with one click, and it will be available immediately to translate Shopify Products, Collections, Store pages, Store details, and Blogs. For every job requested, customers will be shown a guaranteed delivery date and a quote available to evaluate and purchase.

The new Translated’s app connects Shopify stores with our network of 300,000+ professional translators, allowing any merchant to localize even the largest e-commerce store quickly and easily.

High-Quality and Cost-Effective Translations

We use a powerful combination of human creativity and machine intelligence to craft fast, consistent, high-quality translations to 240,000+ clients in 194 languages in over 40 areas of expertise. Our services utilize translation memories to maintain consistency and ensure that customers never pay twice for translating a word or a sentence, even if they have multiple stores. We work with professional linguists, glossaries, and quality assurance tools to ensure top-quality translations.

Quality Translations
Tailored to Any Store

300,000+ Vetted And Trained Linguists

  • Direct connection with a network of 300,000+ professional translators in 194 languages.
  • 40 areas of expertise.
  • AI-powered platform that identifies the best translator for your type of content available to start working immediately.

Fast, Easy to Use Integration

  • One-click installation and seamless integration: select what you want to translate from within the app, preview the translations, and publish them in just a few clicks.
  • Fast and guaranteed quote.
  • Full transparency, including spending, job status, and translator activity.

Cut Costs, Not Quality

  • Translation suggestions from an MT learns from corrections and adapts to the context to increase translator efficiency.
  • Never pay twice for recurring translations.
  • Glossary and quality assurance tools to craft top-quality translations.

Dedicated Account Manager

The Translated app puts merchants directly in contact with a dedicated account manager who can quickly provide additional services for a custom solution.

Most requested add-ons available:

  • SEO translation.
  • Translator qualification for the brand, style, and tone of voice.
  • Terminology management.
  • UI/UX review.
  • In-context language quality check of the store before publishing.
  • Support for jobs outside Shopify.

Expand your business

Reach new customers across the globe with the Translated App.

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