Translated featured on Fortune cover
in an issue on Artificial Intelligence

Rome, 31st Jan, 2022

Fortune magazine dedicated the cover story of one of its February issues to Translated’s quest for the singularity. The singularity in translation will occur when professional translators need the same time per word to check and correct a translation done by their best colleague as a translation “pre-processed” by a machine. And we're not that far from getting there.

In an interview, Translated’s CEO Marco Trombetti tells the magazine how we are using artificial intelligence to mimic human capabilities and aid the work of professionals. He also illustrates our mission to allow everyone to understand and be understood in their own language. A mission that can only be achieved through a symbiotic combination of professional translators and machine intelligence.

A Perfect Symbiosis of Professionals and MT

The article highlights the importance of two Translated tools: T-Rank and ModernMT. T-Rank is the disruptive tool we developed to rank the best translator for each given document based on their profile and performance. ModernMT is our adaptive machine translation, which we provide for free to all the translators working with us. It facilitates the translator’s work by delivering a first draft of the translation, thus allowing the professional to focus on the creative part of the job.

«Our competitor is Elon Musk, not other translation companies. We want to allow everyone to understand and be understood in their own languages to help humankind tackle the most significant challenges, such as solving the climate crisis or landing on another planet. And we want to do it before Elon gets to Mars!»
Marco Trombetti – Translated CEO

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