Translated Named the Best Company for Freelance Linguists

Rome – November 28, 2022

Translated ranks first among companies employing remote workers in the translation industry according to an independent research project run by the Oxford Internet Institute and the Berlin Social Science Center.

The research project, named Fairwork, is committed to identifying the best and worst labor practices in the digital economy and currently operates in 30 countries across 5 continents.

Researchers used LinkedIn to find translators working with us, interviewed them and analyzed their replies. They also reviewed our website. We then provided them with additional information so they could dig deeper into our practices for further transparency. This allowed them to give us useful feedback on further improving our policies, and our community team implemented their suggestions in record time.

We’re proud of this recognition because Translated considers fair work an essential part of business, and it further confirms our ranking on Proz as one of the best language service providers to work with.

We Provide Linguists With the Best AI-Powered Tools for Free

Translated provides freelancers with AI-powered localization tools that free them up from redundant tasks so they can focus on adding flavor and nuance to their translations. We’re building a perfect symbiosis between linguists and machine translation (MT): the more corrections the MT gets, the better suggestions it provides. Data show that using Matecat, Matesub and ModernMT allows freelancers to enhance their word-volume capacity and consequently, their earnings. Additionally, we pay linguists a high percentage per each word translated by MT.

Fairwork Recognitions

Fair Contracts

Clear and accessible terms and conditions. Self-defined working hours.

Fair Pay

Rate per word set by the freelancer. Automated payments executed monthly.

Fair Conditions

AI-supported job matching. Protection against work-related health and safety risks.

Fair Management

Direct access to PMs. AI-supported anti-discrimination policy to remove bias.

«We believe that technology is there to help us to perform to our highest potential. It’s a win/win game. The better we perform, the more we can invest in people. The more we invest in people’s happiness, the better we perform.»
Marco Trombetti – Translated CEO