Translated 9 Wins
the First Leg of the Ocean Globe Race 2023

The crew of Translated 9 won the first leg of the Ocean Globe Race 2023. On board were two representatives of the localization industry: Teresa Marshall (Salesforce VP) and our CEO, Marco Trombetti.

Cape Town – October 21, 2023

Translated’s sailboat has just arrived in Cape Town, 7,301 nautical miles and 40 days after the start on September 10th in Southampton. On board were two representatives of the localization industry: Teresa Marshall (Salesforce VP) and our CEO, Marco Trombetti (welcome back boss!), who had never tried his hand at ocean sailing until two years ago.

At Translated, we're passionate about challenges that others think are out of reach. We believe that when you team up with people with outstanding values and positive attitudes, you can achieve anything.

The Ocean Globe Race is one of the most adventurous regattas in the world. It requires a crew that is 70% non-professional, and the use of modern technology is limited. There is still a long way to go, but we have made a great start and are leading the race in first place overall after the first leg.

In a world where AI dominates the headlines, we want to put people in the spotlight. We believe that only a symbiosis between humans and machines can unlock the true potential of our future.

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This project is about overcoming limits. Each of us is discovering our own, finding courage, and succeeding. That is what ultimately drives us to make the world a better place, one step at a time. We believe in humans.
Marco Trombetti – Translated's CEO

The Localization Sailboat

Translated 9 is the first sailboat from the localization industry to participate in a round-the-world race. In addition to Translated’s founders Marco Trombetti (co-skipper) and Isabelle Andrieu (team coach), the crew includes Teresa Marshall (VP Globalization & Localization at Salesforce) and Paul Marshall (Instructor at International Gateways – San Jose State University). The full crew consists of 15 people from 7 countries, who will alternate on board during the four legs of the race.

The selection process to put together the crew was truly demanding. Our project attracted many amazing individuals, each enriched with passion, humanity, and the dream of participating in a round-the-world race. We are deeply grateful to all those fantastic people who put their daily lives on hold to chase the dream we shared with them.
Isabelle Andrieu – Translated’s Chairwoman

Get on Board in San Francisco

The Translated 9 project is not limited to this race. Translated has set up a twin sailboat in San Francisco where localization professionals from around the world can experience the thrill of ocean sailing and be trained by Paul Cayard, a seven-time world champion who has circumnavigated the globe twice and won the Ocean Globe Race in 1998. Companies and individuals interested in experiencing ocean sailing aboard Translated 9 in San Francisco can send a request to

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