Translated merges with ModernMT and releases 9 new languages

Rome, 12th May, 2022

Translated is proud to announce that it has finalized the merger with ModernMT, a machine translation provider Translated co-founded in 2017 with Fondazione Bruno Kessler to develop the results of a successful EU-funded research project into a business application. The initial investigation was led by a consortium in which the founders took part, together with The University of Edinburgh and Taus, the latter being primarily interested in the research and technology challenges.

ModernMT provides state-of-the-art neural machine translation as a service that learns from translation memories and translators' corrections, adapting to the context. It was awarded the Cool Vendor accolade by Gartner in 2019 and recognized as one of the best 3 performing customized MT engines (“closest to human”) in the 2021 report on The State of Machine Translation by Intento, a leading AI integration platform.

We have acquired all shares and stock options owned by the other company's founders and ModernMT’s employees, and ModernMT is now a Translated product. We’ve already integrated its technology into our high-end services and tools, including Matecat.

The merger represents a step forward in our mission to allow everyone to understand and be understood in their own language. We firmly believe in a powerful collaboration between humans and machines and to welcome ModernMT into our family we designed a new logo for it. The smiling face of the Translated logo finally meets its tech twin in ModernMT’s motif and together they evoke the perfect symbiosis between humans and machines we have been pursuing since our foundation.

Full ownership of ModernMT enables Translated to provide seamless integration between professionals and MT in our clients’ translation processes, easily and more efficiently determining when to use one or the other, and thus providing contextual and superior quality translation in less time. All the translators working with our clients are now provided with a ModernMT’s Professional account they can also use for personal projects. In addition to that, all Translated clients who have already worked with us can now exploit a custom MT based on previous translations.

Patent-awarded adaptive machine translation

ModernMT took inspiration from the human brain not just for its neural structure but for its incredible capacity to adapt, learn from new experiences, and interact with other humans. The result is a unique, patent-awarded, human-in-the-loop approach, a symbiosis where machine and human continuously assist each other, providing outstanding translation quality and process efficiency that surpasses any previous method.

ModernMT updates

Seamless development and more languages

The ModernMT team will stay on to continue leading the development of the closest-to-human machine translation. We’ve already opened up our statistical data collection to them and this helped speed up the release of MT services in 9 new languages, ranging from the most used Hindi to the rare Xhosa. ModernMT now supports 56 languages.

Integration with Matecat and support for CAT tools

Translators can use ModernMT in their preferred CAT tool. The machine translation is now fully integrated into Matecat, the professional web and AI-based CAT tool developed by Translated. Specific plugins are available for the other most-used software used by professionals, SDL Trados and MemoQ. Other CAT tools can integrate ModernMT through its public APIs.

«ModernMT combines all the best things on the market and in many of them goes far beyond other systems, doing full-document adaptive translation and even transcreating some of the content.»
Konstantin Savenkov – Intento founder and CEO

Work with ModernMT

APIs for enterprises, plugins for translators.

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