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How Smart Dubbing reshaped Airbnb’s Host Training.

Knowing that people retain more information from video than from text, Airbnb felt it was critical to make its First-Time Hosting Learning Series available in multiple languages to help new hosts around the world set up their listings for success. The company wanted to rely on the original voices of its 5-star hosts to streamline the production process and avoid the slow turnaround times and expensive workflow of traditional dubbing.

Translated helped Airbnb develop a new, cutting-edge video-based training experience that would enable new hosts to accelerate their growth on the platform. With a tight deadline and budget, Translated leveraged the new AI-powered voice translation service to create an incredibly effective, scalable solution. See the results in this video.


Translated’s new voice translation service seamlessly blends transcription, machine translation, expert linguists, and voice cloning technologies to help companies reach global audiences with the power of their own voices.

AI Voices

Translated’s AI voices, featuring human-like prosody, rhythm, and tone, helped Airbnb produce emotionally engaging and culturally relevant training content at scale to improve the new host training experience.

Expert AI Voice Translators

Translated gave Airbnb access to a global network of professional linguists who specialize in working with AI voices, ensuring that their host training videos were localized for a global audience with accuracy and cultural resonance.

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