The Recipe for Glovo’s Global Success

Discover how Translated's adaptive real-time machine translation solution helped Glovo increase orders, and enhance the user experience.

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Glovo’s challenge

Improve the ordering experience by providing localized menus in users’ preferred languages, ensuring a more seamless and personalized interaction with the platform.

The recipe for success

A real-time localization solution based on Translated's adaptive machine translation (ModernMT), flavored by a continuous human feedback loop for superior MT quality output.

The sweet results

Increase in conversion rate and number of orders placed attributed to the MT translation feature, enhanced user satisfaction, expanded market reach and much more.

We've been thrilled with the results of implementing Translated's custom real-time MT solution. We're so excited to expand this feature to other stages of the customer journey, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for our users.
Stefania Russo - Head of UX Content at Glovo

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