Save Over 20% on High-Quality Translations with Adaptive MT Quality Estimation

Learn how Translated and Uber partnered to bring together translators, ModernMT, and MT quality estimation, enabling Uber to expand more efficiently into more global markets.

The Challenge

Traditionally, Uber relied on human translators to provide users with a frictionless experience, but recently had struggled to meet the skyrocketing demand for localized content without increasing their localization budget. They wanted to improve the productivity of their translation workforce without compromising translation quality.

The Solution

Uber partnered with Translated to design a localization solution based on MT quality estimation that speeds up the translation process, improves translator productivity, and reduces costs for the client — all without affecting the quality of the translation or the translator's pay, enabling Uber to translate more with the same budget.

The Result

The translation solution described in this case study empowered Uber to publish more and more support content in all locales while maintaining the same budget. This approach resulted in over 20% cost savings without compromising translation quality, demonstrating a more efficient way to expand into global markets.

Discover the Custom Solution Translated Developed for Uber.