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Human Touch is the new film by Translated that highlights humans' uniqueness. Every day, we humans translate language without words, even if we're not always aware of it. We have the unique ability to translate every look, gesture, and touch into meaningful communication with one another. We're able to do this because our cultural familiarity and understanding allows us to connect through every glance, every sign, every nuance.

Why Human Touch

Since 1999, we have been developing AI to help translators do their work better and faster, with the goal of allowing everyone to understand and be understood in their own language.
The tireless quest to find the most powerful symbiosis between the uniqueness of humans and the capacity and speed of machines is what has always set Translated apart.
Today, the world extols the abilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in many fields, but we rarely see humans celebrated as they should be. In recognition of the fact that our industry wouldn’t advance or even matter without the contributions of humans, Translated decided to produce a short film that celebrates them.

The power of uniqueness

Seven beautiful stories and a unique, collective creative process.

Human Touch was designed to resonate with a global audience from the ground up. We put translation at the center of the creative process by bringing translators, copywriters, and creatives together.

We initially focused on 12 countries, selecting 48 professional copywriters and translators from our community with deep ties to their specific regions. We worked with them to analyze the authenticity of the body language and facial cues of the actors in the film. They explored how these gestures resonate within their cultures, delving into their meaning, cultural nuances, and implications, suggesting new creative approaches and gestures that better resonated with their unique cultures.

This collaborative, culturally nuanced approach ensures that Human Touch not only speaks a global language but does so with a profound respect for local sensibilities, ensuring that everyone can understand it in their own language.

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