The Crew

Our crew is a wonderful tapestry of diversity, perfectly embodying our values.

Meet The Crew

After a year-long selection process, Translated 9 picked a crew from 1,500 applicants worldwide. The result is a wonderful tapestry of diversity, perfectly embodying our values of hard work, commitment, cooperation, inclusivity, positivity, and passion. Comprising 15 individuals from 7 different nations (Italy, France, Turkey, Germany, Ireland, the UK, and the United States), they are united by their shared language: an unbridled passion for the ocean.

Marco Trombetti, the shipowner and co-skipper, Isabelle Andrieu, the team coach, Vittorio Malingri, the co-skipper and technical manager, and Nico Malingri, the chief mate, will be joined by the following non-professionals: Piercarlo Antonelli, Niccolò Banfi, Maretta Bigatti, Deniz Derin Bınaroğlu, Sophie Fontanesi, Baptiste Gillot Devillers, Paul Marshall, Teresa Marshall, and Ezgim Mistikoğlu.

Simon Curwen and Pietro Luciani will be the other professionals on board, alongside Vittorio and Nico Malingri.

Translated 9 sailing in San Francisco

Translated 9 crew

Marco Trombetti (ITA)

LEGS 1/3

Co-skipper & team manager, 47 years old, computer scientist, entrepreneur, and investor. Co-founder of Translated, shipowner and team manager of Translated 9 . Marco, the founder of the Translated 9 project, is completely new to sailing and decided to embark on this extraordinary endeavor because he loves challenges that seem bigger than most people think possible.

Isabelle Andrieu (FRA)


Team coach, 48 years old. Entrepreneur, co-founder, and chairwoman at Translated. Isabelle deeply believes in the values and strength of the team. At Translated, she takes care of the well-being of employees and co-workers, facilitating their professional and personal growth. She is a strong advocate for women's empowerment.

Vittorio Malingri, (ITA)

LEGS 1/2/3/4

Co-skipper & technical manager, 62 years old, ocean navigator, world-record-setting sailor and boat builder. He holds the roles of co-skipper and technical manager on Translated 9 , where he oversaw the boat's refitting process and the training and preparation of the crew. He is set to compete in the entire OGR.

Nico Malingri (ITA)

LEGS 1/2/3/4

Chief mate, 32 years old, ocean navigator and record-setting sailor, chief mate of Translated 9 . He grew up on his father's boat and has been sailing his entire life. Together with Vittorio, they set the record for the Dakar-Guadeloupe transatlantic crossing.

Simon Curwen (UK)

LEG 1/2

Navigator, 64. An experienced racer, having competed on the RORC and JOG offshore circuits as well as in a Mini Transat (he still holds the best Mini Transat result of any single-handed British sailor, coming second in the 2000-2001 event). He has just finished the Golden Globe Race, a nonstop solo race around the world, finishing in 234 days. Curwen was the first solo skipper to complete the course.

Pietro Luciani (ITA)

LEG 3/4

Navigator, 38, architect and accomplished sailor. He has logged over 100,000 miles on the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans. He has successfully completed seven Atlantic crossings on Class40 boats, including prestigious races like the Transat Jacques Vabre. Pietro was crowned the winner of the Class40 Championship in 2019.

Niccolò Banfi

LEG 1/2/3/4

Non-pro sailor, 23 years old, Academy of Fine Arts graduate. He belongs to a family of admirals, commanders, and submariners in the Marina Militare, the Italian Navy. The motto of the Amerigo Vespucci (the Marina Militare’s most famous vessel) is “Not those who begin but those who persevere”. Niccolò has taken this motto to heart.

Maretta Bigatti (ITA)

LEGS 2/3/4

Non-pro sailor, 22 years old, studying Sports Science at university. Maretta is a tireless sailor and a fantastic team player. She actively participated in the refitting process, making a valuable contribution. With boundless passion and total commitment, she has grown as a sailor, earning her spot on the crew.

Sophie Fontanesi (ITA)

LEG 1/2/4

Non-pro sailor, 18 years old, the youngest member of our racing team. She started sailing at 9, achieving outstanding results in European championships on an Optimist dinghy and taking first place in 2018. She dedicates her spare time to community and charity activities on board her boat.

Baptiste Gillot Devillers (FRA)

LEGS 1/2/3/4

Non-pro sailor, 25 years old, swimming teacher/lifeguard and graduate from the University of Rouen. He started sailing at 7 on an Optimist in Dieppe, Normandy. His best result was finishing first in the French National High School Championship and third in the French National Dinghy Championship.

Paul Marshall (USA)


Non-pro sailor, 59 years old, English as a Second Language instructor. His spirit of adventure led him on a five-year sailing journey around the globe, participating in many offshore races such as the Sydney to Hobart race, the Transpac, and the ARC transatlantic race.

Teresa Marshall (GER)


Non-pro sailor, 48 years old, Vice President, Globalization & Localization at Salesforce. Teresa is a renowned and valued professional within the localization industry. She is also generous and a passionate sailor. Teresa and Paul have been crewing in the US with legendary skipper Paul Cayard for Translated 9 US.

Ezgim Mistikoğlu (TUR)

LEG 1/2/3/4

Non-pro sailor, 21 years old, student at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht University. She leads Maastricht University’s sailing club as their president. She will be the first Turkish woman to sail around the world.

Piercarlo Antonelli (ITA)


Non-pro sailor, 63 years old, attorney by profession and sailor by passion. He has taken part in all the Mediterranean’s major offshore regattas, both as an owner and as a crew member. Also appreciated for his cooking skills, generous Piercarlo has offered the younger members of the crew the wisdom of his experience.

Derin Deniz Bınaroğlu (TUR)

LEG 1/2/3/4

Non-pro sailor, 21 years old, studying International Trade at Boğaziçi University. Having started sailing when he was 6, he will be the youngest Turkish man ever to take part in a round-the-world regatta.

Translated 9 Shore Crew

Paul Cayard

Translated 9 Ambassador

Valerio Lanni

General Manager

Chiara Sansoni

PR & Project Manager

Patrizia Boglione

Brand Director

Matteo Licci

Visual Designer

Riccardo Serranò

Captain and Instructor (pre-regatta)

Gianluca Sansoni

Advisor, first member of the team

Gigio Russo, Guido Cavalazzi

North Sails

Stefano Leonardi

Advisor, Fleet Management

Marco Veglia

Naval Designer

Stefano Pelizza

ISD, consultant & survey

Francesco Diddi

Sailmaker, Translated 9 US

Follow our journey

Paul Cayard

Paul Cayard, a legendary 7-time world champion and 7-time America’s Cup competitor who has twice circumnavigated the globe and became the first American to win the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1998, is the Translated 9 Ambassador. His work has involved training ocean lovers, including Translated's clients and localization industry professionals, who aspired to be part of Translated 9 ’s crew for the Ocean Globe Race 2023 in the San Francisco Bay area and for the upcoming regattas. He offers invaluable guidance to Translated and delivers exceptionally inspiring speeches to the team, emphasizing that "if you remain in your comfort zone, that is where you will fail. Success is not a comfortable process. It is a challenging achievement. Therefore, you must become comfortable with being uncomfortable if you truly desire success. Start applying pressure to yourself!"

If you would be excited to train with us in San Francisco under the guidance of the legendary Paul Cayard, send an email to

From the start of the OGR and for the duration of the race, he will offer weekly race analysis on Translated 9 's social media platforms and website.

Translated 9 race updates from Paul Cayard: stay in the loop!