Translated 9

Our sailboat, an epic Swan 65 with a glorious history.

The Swan 65

To participate in the Ocean Globe Race 2023, we wanted a boat that was not only beautiful and iconic but also spoke of diversity, inclusion, and courage. We were thrilled to find this boat, which was captained to the finish line by the first woman to enter the Whitbread race.

The Swan 65, designed by the historic New York studio Sparkman & Stephens, is one of the most beautiful sailboats ever made and certainly one of the most successful. Launched in 1974, it is almost 20 meters long and 5 meters wide.

The vessel, previously known as ADC Accutrac, became an icon of the seas under British skipper Clare Francis, a true outsider and the first woman to lead a boat in the Ocean Globe Race. Later, the boat was owned by Nicola Parolin, who brought it back to racing under the name Force 9 of London. Marco Trombetti and Isabelle Andrieu, Translated’s founders, then purchased it and renamed it Translated 9.

Central to its transformation was the Malingri team, considered “Masters of the Sea” by a generation of adventure and offshore sailing lovers. They took on pivotal roles encompassing crew training, race readiness, and a meticulous boat refit in collaboration with naval engineer Marco Veglia. Operating under the banner of VMV Yacht Design, the Malingri team and Veglia executed a comprehensive and exacting overhaul. This significant endeavor restored Translated 9 to its prime, preparing it for a rejuvenated voyage, ready to sail around the world once more.

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Translated 9 sailing in San Francisco

Inspired by dreamers

Clare Francis

Translated 9 has a glorious history that speaks of diversity, courage, breaking rules, and plotting new courses.

Once known as ADC Accutrac, captained by Clare Francis – a true outsider and the first woman to lead a boat in the Whitbread – this Swan 65 had an unforgettable voyage, achieving a fantastic fifth place in the 1977 edition of the Whitbread and reaching the finish line in 126 days and 20 hours, all in a race in which getting to the finish is the first and greatest triumph.

Ramon Carlin

Inspired by the story of Ramon Carlin, the Mexican businessman who unexpectedly won the first Whitbread Round the World on board Sayula II, Marco Trombetti and Isabelle Andrieu met the Carlin family off the coast of the Mexican city of La Paz, where the two Swan 65s sailed the waters of the Pacific side by side.

We want to repeat history: the same boat, the same route, the same old technology, and hopefully the same success.

Translated 9 sailing