We believe in humans.

That’s why we are taking part in the most human-centered regatta ever: the Ocean Globe Race 2023.

The route map The route map

The route

  1. Europe to South Africa
  2. South Africa to Australia / New Zealand
  3. Australia / New Zealand to South America
  4. South America to Europe

This will be no ordinary race: the Ocean Globe Race 2023 (September 2023 – April 2024) celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Whitbread race and will mirror its first edition (1973) in both its route and the technology allowed on board. With no modern navigation equipment or weather forecasting software, the race will rely instead on star-mapping, barometer readings, and the sweat, perseverance, and courage of its participants.

Join the crew

Translated 9 in San Francisco

We are inviting our friends to experience what sailing around the world is. No prior sailing experience is needed. We want to prove that with courage, determination, and resilience, you can achieve anything.

The training sessions will be led by Paul Cayard, a 7-time world champion and 7-time America’s Cup competitor, who has twice circumnavigated the globe, and became the first American to win the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1998.

If you want to experience Translated 9 in San Francisco send an email at t9@translated.com

Paul Cayard >
A photo of the Whitbread
ADC Accutrac in 1977

Inspired by dreamers

Translated 9 has a glorious history that tells of diversity, courage, breaking rules and plotting new courses.

Once known as the ADC Accutrac, captained by Clare Francis – a true outsider and the first woman to lead a boat in the Ocean Globe Race – this Swan 65 had an unforgettable voyage, achieving a fantastic fifth place in the 1977 edition of the Whitbread and reaching the finish line in 126 days and 20 hours, all in a race in which getting to the finish is the first and greatest triumph.

We want to repeat history: the same boat, the same route, the same old technology and hopefully the same success.

Swan 65 >
Translated 9 sailing
Translated 9 today

A unique adventure from the start

The two years leading up to the starting line will be an amazing time in themselves.

Translated 9's crew and all those who want to support it will be the stars of thrilling activities and extraordinary adventures, both on board and on land.

The team will be trained by renowned professional sailors off the coasts of California and Italy. Vittorio and Nico Malingri, from the legendary Italian ocean sailing family, have joined Translated 9 as professional crew members: Vittorio as Co-Skipper and Technical Manager, and Nico as Chief Mate. A third professional will join them.

The Malingri Team will support Marco Trombetti, acting as Co-Skipper and Team Manager, and Isabelle Andrieu, who takes on the role of Team Coach.

We believe that any great feat is possible when you bring together great human skills.

Join the crew
Translated 9 sailing

At Translated, we believe in humans

Translated 9 is taking part in the most human-centered regatta ever, the Ocean Globe Race 2023, in the full spirit of adventure of the Whitbread, to prove that we believe in humans and to spread our values – courage, optimism, diversity, hard work, resilience and humanity – to the farthest ends of the earth.

We are now recruiting our crew and supporters, looking for brave souls and dreamers to join us in the most epic adventure ever.

Our values >

Dream it, believe it, do it.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor, a sailing enthusiast or a localization manager who has always dreamed of an adventure at sea, enter for a chance to be on our boat in 2023 and sail with us around the world or support us by being a land crew member and sharing our story.

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