We believe in humans

That’s why we are taking part in the most human-centered regatta ever: follow us in the Ocean Globe Race 2023.

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Translated 9 sailing in San Francisco

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At Translated, we believe in humans

We produce great translations by combining human creativity with artificial intelligence. We believe that, by teaming up with great people with deeply held values and attitudes, we can overcome any challenge.

To celebrate this, Marco Trombetti, Translated’s CEO and founder, came up with an idea: to participate, as a true outsider, together with an amazing crew of both professionals and non-professionals, in the Ocean Globe Race 2023. The OGR commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the Whitbread Round the World Race, the most human and adventurous regatta ever. From September 2023 to April 2024, our sailboat Translated 9 will take on this extreme challenge, which is only open to boats that competed in one of the first three editions (1973-77-81).

No GPS and no electronic maps – just a sextant and stargazing to guide them on their way. No communication with the world during the journey – just resilience, empathy, and creativity in the face of the unexpected.

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We Never Give Up

Translated 9 achieved a stellar triumph during the first and second Leg of the Ocean Globe Race. In these two Legs, Translated 9 demonstrated unparalleled skills, securing 1st position in IRC and the Flyer Class in Leg 1 and 2, and Line Honors in Leg 2. Despite being the fifth slowest boat in the fleet, Translated 9 led in IRC, potentially competing for Line Honors, and maintained dominance in the Flyer Class. The crew, led by co-skippers Marco Trombetti and Vittorio Malingri, exhibited resilience and strategic brilliance while navigating the treacherous Southern Indian Ocean, reaching the remarkable speed of 22.4 knots. The crew's dedication and teamwork, evident in their collective effort, significantly contributed to the resounding success of Translated 9 in these two Legs. In the third Leg, Marco Trombetti continued the challenge with co-skipper Simon Curwen, demonstrating unwavering determination and seamanship.

In a remarkable display of resilience and innovation, the Translated 9’s crew has overcome significant adversity after a forced withdrawal in the Falkland Islands, due to two breaches in the hull discovered after rounding Cape Horn. The crew managed to repair the boat and came back to the race, fully prepared and eager to tackle Leg 4 aiming at another victory. Marco Trombetti appointed Nico Malingri as co-skipper of the Translated 9 adventure joining co-skippers Vittorio Malingri, Simon Curwen, and Marco himself.

While leading the final Leg of the Ocean Globe Race, Translated 9 had to stop in Madeira (Portugal) after the crew discovered water in the hull, which we now know was due to a breach. This emergency necessitated a detour to ensure everyone's safety, forcing the crew to stop in Madeira for further repairs. After securing the boat, the crew set sail to finish the regatta.

On May 3, 2024 the crew of Translated 9 arrived at Cowes (UK), successfully completing the Ocean Globe Race 2023 and demonstrating the commitment that has distinguished us from the start.

Winning the first two legs and dominating the subsequent two until sustaining hull damage, and managing to restart twice, Translated 9 provided everyone with unique emotional experiences and demonstrated the value of determination and resilience.

Translated 9 in San Francisco

We are inviting our friends to experience what sailing around the world is. No prior sailing experience is needed. We want to prove that with courage, determination, and resilience, you can achieve anything.

The training sessions will be led by Paul Cayard, a 7-time world champion and 7-time America’s Cup competitor, who has twice circumnavigated the globe, and became the first American to win the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1998.

If you want to experience Translated 9 in San Francisco send an email at t9@translated.com

Don’t miss this amazing chance to tune in and absorb the insights of sailing icon Paul Cayard. Link Stay connected as he guides you through exciting race updates.

Translated 9 sailing in San Francisco