Arabic Translation Services

Our professional translation services, powered by state-of-the-art technology and crafted by native translators, enable you to effectively connect with your Arabic-speaking audience.

  • 596,575 Native professional Linguists
  • 201 Languages
  • +20 Years of Expertise
  • AI-Powered Localization Technology
  • Quality Assurance Processes
  • Dedicated Project Managers
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Our Translation Services

We combine the expertise of our professional native translators with first-rate AI-powered technology to provide high-quality translations. Our multilingual services range from document translation to website localization. If you want to open up your business to people who speak Arabic or any other language, we are here to help you drive opportunities through the power of language.

Arabic Localization at Scale

We offer a comprehensive range of AI-powered solutions to enhance and scale your translation process, enabling you to reach customers worldwide. With our TMS platform, TranslationOS, you can gain real-time visibility over linguist profiles and valuable KPIs including financial projections and performance quality. Our Arabic linguists are also supported by advanced AI-powered tools such as Matecat, Matesub, and Matedub, which eliminate redundant tasks and allow them to concentrate on quality. These tools employ our industry-leading adaptive machine translation technology, ModernMT, which learns from our professional linguists' corrections and generates translations based on the entire document's context. This approach provides unparalleled translation quality and process efficiency that surpasses prior methods.

Our Professional Arabic Translators

Our team of native Arabic linguists is proficient in both the Arabic language and your languages of interest. Our translators have a wealth of experience in diverse fields and sectors such as legal, financial, technical, and medical, and are meticulously selected using advanced technologies including T-Rank™. T-Rank algorithmically examines the attributes of each incoming project and subsequently matches the most suitable Arabic translator for the assignment, considering over 30 factors including past delivery quality and punctuality, domain expertise, content type, and other relevant criteria.

Arabic Translation Prices

Translation prices are determined by several factors, including the text length, subject matter, chosen language combination, and translation service level. Additionally, the desired delivery date may have an impact on translation rates. To obtain a precise translation cost for your content, you can use our instant quote tool. Alternatively, email us and we will respond promptly.

Arabic Document Translation

Businesses that aim to communicate effectively with customers and stakeholders in different countries must have accurate document translations. Our team can translate any file format and return it in its original form. We can handle any type of file, from straightforward Word documents to intricate JSON and HTML files.

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About Translated

Translated is an international language service provider and pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence to support professional translators. The company was established in 1999 by linguist Isabelle Andrieu and computer scientist Marco Trombetti with the mission of allowing everyone to understand and be understood in their own language.
To achieve its mission, Translated has always relied on a symbiotic combination of human creativity and machine intelligence. This takes the form of a network of 596,575 vetted, native-speaking professional translators combined with one of the best-performing customized MT engines, ModernMT.
We have delivered 1.2 million translations in 201 languages to 337,268 clients in 40 macro-domains powering the globalization strategy of even the most demanding customers