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Videos are becoming an ever-present medium in the digital era, whether it's social media campaigns, video tutorials, webinars and much more. Consumers and businesses are constantly creating, watching, and sharing more and more video contents.

  • E-learning courses
  • Corporate promotional videos
  • Video ads
  • Corporate social media channels
  • Movies
  • Documentaries
  • Video tutorials and lessons
  • Seminars
  • Interviews
  • Medical/scientific transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Police transcription
  • Video Conferences and meetings
  • Music videos

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Multilingual Subtitles

Translating subtitles, titles, and descriptions of your videos is a very effective way to get your message across to an international audience and boost your site/channel views on a global scale.

Subtitle translation is a technical specialization that requires the skills and experience of expert linguists. They must be able to convey the original message without leaving out any relevant information. In addition to translating the words themselves, subtitlers must adapt the text to the limited number of characters per second (and per line) as well as following spacing rules. There are many factors to be taken into account to ensure that your target audience can easily read and understand your subtitles.

What format will I receive my subtitles in?

Subtitles can be provided in .srt, .ssa, .ttml, .sbv, .dfxp, .vtt, .txt, and all the other most commonly used subtitles files.

Transcriptions or Closed Captions?

What’s the difference?

Transcription is the process in which speech or audio is converted into a written text document, whereas closed caption divides transcript text into into time-coded chunks, known as “caption frames.” While transcription forms the basis for captioning, they each have different use cases.

Audio and Video Transcription

Transcription is the conversion of an audio or video file into text format. Generally, this is a "word for word" or "verbatim" transcription that is 100% faithful to the original recording.

In some special cases, as for example, when creating video subtitles, it is sometimes necessary to produce an "abridged" (not fully word for word) transcription in order to respect the limitations of the space available.

Our expert translators can assess your file and provide you with the type of transcription you need.

What format will I receive my audio and video transcriptions in?

We will deliver the transcribed file in your preferred format (Word, .txt), without timestamps.

Closed Captions

Engage more users by adding closed captions to your videos even when they don’t have the possibility to turn the volume on.

Closed captions are very useful as they allow your audience to fully understand the content and of course to boost your presence on the web, with a positive impact on SEO.

Especially on Social Medias, adding closed captions to your videos increases user views by 12%.

What format will I receive my closed captions in?

We will deliver the transcribed file in your preferred format (.srt, .ssa, .ttml, .sbv, .dfxp, .vtt, .txt), with timestamps.

Service Price per minute Turnover Average Time
Multilingual Subtitles From 10 to 20 €
(accordingly to language and quality)
up to 50 min in 2 days, +1 day for each 50 min
Transcriptions 4 € per minute up to 100 min in 2 days, +1 day for each 100 min
Closed Captions 6 € per minute up to 100 min in 2 days, +1 day for each 100 min

Why we are a good fit for your needs?

Since 1999, we have been selecting and training the best professional linguists in the world, combining their talent with cutting-edge technologies to help over 203,746 clients in all industries.

We developed an AI-empowered management system and proprietary tool able to automate subtitling, reducing times and costs, crafting multilingual visual content for users in the fast turnaround time demanded by the market, in over 189 languages.

The Translated team is efficient from both a sales and an operations perspective. They are especially diligent when it comes to delivery deadlines, and they quickly take action where necessary to resolve any issues after delivery.
Davide Scalvi - Docebo,
High-quality translations with quick turnaround times. Google Ads and Facebook campaigns for overseas markets are no problem for us now!
Laura Corallo - Eataly,
Translated has been localising Google Ads and Facebook marketing campaigns for us for several years. We consider them one of our trusted partners, and they have never let us down.
Alberto Mauri - GroupM,
The Translated team has always been professional and helpful. They are quick to respond to requests for assistance and they respect the agreed deadlines.
Fabio Vanek - Italiaonline,
Thanks to Translated, our website is now available in 20 languages instead of 6, allowing us to enter new markets - the number of countries where we operate has risen from around 10 to 50!
Pierre Massol - TravelCar,
Over the last few years, I've used Translated for translations from German and Russian into English. Their service is normally quick and efficient, with a transparent pricing structure.
Marcello Pasquali - Enel Green Power

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We proudly serve over 341,435 clients worldwide, including young innovative startups and large global enterprises from varying industries. We have optimized our processes to meet their unique needs, adapting from small, on-demand tasks to high-touch, fully managed solutions.

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