Excellence starts with processes

We work hard to make translation services more effective, powering our production processes with great technologies and talented people.

Translator Selection

The quality of a translation depends on the quality of the process, starting from the choice of translator.

  • We have reviewed 223,918 vetted professional translators' resumes since 1999, and each month we receive over 5,000 new ones.
  • Customer-specific training and translation tests based on an objective evaluation matrix conducted by Translated reviewers that have a “trusted” status.
  • Continuous quality feedback and training by reviewers and PMs on each job, which ultimately determines each translator's score on T-Rank™.

Translator Choice

T-Rank™ helps us choose the best translator for your project.

  • Perfect match between project and translator.
  • Automatic priority given to translators with better performance on your content.
  • Automatic creation of a dedicated team of translators.
  • Guarantee of continuity in case of professional turnover.

Project Management

We automate all repetitive processes so that we can have more time for tasks where human judgement is fundamental.

  • Automated project creation, from file processing, to the creation of project instructions, to translator selection.
  • Project Managers can intervene whenever necessary, particularly in the choice of translators and revisers.
  • A smart management system informs PMs of any unforeseen glitches, such as an anticipated late delivery, allowing them to take prompt action.

Quality Control

Technology helps our reviewers assess the work of translators, while keeping our prices accessible.

  • While translators work, a real-time QA check is performed for: spelling, glossary, untranslatable text, locale matching, formatting, and white and double spaces.
  • When the work is completed, a professional reviser checks for spelling, grammar, terminology, style, and translation errors.
  • For Premium projects, the reviser performs a full review of the text, adding an extra layer of quality control.

Final Delivery

A well-established process lets us always guarantee timely deliveries.

  • The Project Manager makes sure that the layout of the files has been preserved correctly, that all the files are correctly renamed, and that there are no pending QA notifications.
  • After this check, the Project Manager takes care of the finishing touches, and prepares all the documents in a single delivery package.
  • Customer support is provided by the same PM after project delivery, or by contacting info@translated.com

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