T-Rank™ helps us find the perfect translator for you.

Why is T-Rank™ necessary?

The quality of a translation depends on the quality of the process, starting from the choice of translator.

Traditionally translators are chosen based on the information in their resume (i.e. professional and academic records) which certainly helps in finding a qualified resource, but does not guarantee having identified the best possible translator for a project.

That’s why we developed T-Rank™.

Advantages for clients

  • Perfect match between project and translator.
  • Automatic priority given to translators with better performance on your content.
  • Automatic creation of a dedicated team of translators.
  • Guarantee of continuity in case of professional turnover.

Advantages for translators

  • An unbiased and meritocratic selection system.
  • Receive jobs that match your skills and specialties.
  • Receive constant quality and professionalism feedback.
  • Real-time availability function to avoid unnecessary emails.

How T-Rank™ works

Step 1: Matching

T-Rank™ helps us determine which of our 620,066 vetted professional translators is the best one for your project.

T-Rank™ analyzes the characteristics of each incoming project, and then matches the best translator for the task based on over 30 factors, such as quality and timeliness of previous jobs, daily turnaround, area of expertise, content of the document, and more. The result of this analysis is a ranking of translators, where the first one is statistically the best for translating that project.

Step 2: Continuous improvement

T-Rank™ learns from all feedback provided by translators, Project Managers, and clients.

T-Rank is considered as support for making this choice, and our Project Managers always have the last say in the choice of translators; if they reject T-Rank’s suggestion, this feedback is recorded and the system will make a better choice in the future. The same occurs after the translation is delivered, when the PM and reviser provide professionalism and quality scores, as well as those of the customer’s overall satisfaction.


Is T-Rank™ an automatic translation system?
No. T-Rank™ is a system that supports Project Managers in the selection of the best human translator for each job.
OK, but how do I use T-Rank™?
T-Rank™ is the technology used by Translated on every job to choose the best translator for that translation. All our clients have to do is send us the document for translation.
Is the translator chosen by a computer?
No; by simulating the choices a human would make, T-Rank™ helps our Project Managers make the best choice in the least possible amount of time. Consider T-Rank™ as a support to decision-making which helps Project Managers choose the right translator.
On which technology is T-Rank™ based?
T-Rank™ is a distance in a multidimensional metric space. The dimensions and weights in this metric space are chosen by an Artificial Intelligence system that can learn the characteristics that predict a high-quality translation from past human choices and previous translation jobs. T-Rank™ measures the distance between each translator and the perfect translator for each job.
Why did you develop T-Rank™?
A translator’s resume and other qualifications are often only weakly correlated with final product quality. Quality depends on more factors than the human mind can remember and evaluate during translator selection. This is why Translated invested in technology capable of "archiving" our experience so that the system can make better choices than a human in the brief turnaround times demanded by the market.

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