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An unprecedented 100M+ ads localized

1,600 Google Ads linguists

We’ve trained our translators to become experts in localizing Google Ads.
They effectively combine their language skills with local cultural nuances while considering Google’s editorial guidelines.

202 languages

Any market you want to reach, we’ve got you covered. We have the capacity to localize any volume of ads, keywords, and ad extensions from any source language to any target.
Without limits.

15+ years expertise

We’ve been the only partner of Google for the localization of Adwords - now Google Ads - keywords and ads since 2007, serving over 10,000 clients globally.

Discover the best assets for leveraging Google Ads

  • 15+ years behind the scenes: we know the optimization magic.
  • 1,600+ expert Search Engine Marketing linguists.
  • Team of copywriters to optimize communications according to Google policies and your style guides.
  • Dedicated Project Manager for every project. Even the most miniscule.
  • Extensive knowledge of localization tools to ensure consistency throughout your content.
  • "High-quality translations with quick turnaround times. Google Ads and Facebook campaigns for overseas markets are no problem for us now!"
    Laura Corallo - Eataly

    Google Ads expertise working across channels

    Power your presence exactly where your audience spends most of its time, whether it’s on search engines, social media, or e-commerce. These channels work through advertising platforms that follow logic pioneered by Google, such as keywords, audiences, geographic and language targeting.

    That’s why we’ve translated our expertise in SEM to localize your customers’ experience at every touch point of their purchasing journey.

    A single partner for your marketing campaigns

    International PPC

    100% increase on your Ads click through rate when you write in your customers’ language

    • Keywords research and localization
    • Ads localization and copywriting
    • PPC campaign optimization

    Global Social Media

    Effective localization engages more social media users and increases your CTR by 55%

    • Post localization
    • Copywriting for social media
    • Hashtag localization

    International SEO

    Help your global customers find you and increase your website traffic by 140%

    • Keywords research and localization
    • Content creation and localization
    • Mass content generation with adaptive MT

    Global Marketplace

    Localizing your e-commerce product descriptions can boost your sales by up to 40%

    • Keywords localization
    • Product listings translation
    • Copywriting for product listings

    Content Marketing

    72.4% of consumers are more likely to purchase if they have information in their own language

    • Copywriting service
    • Creative translation
    • Marketing content localization

    App Store Optimization

    Make your app discoverable for your users and increase downloads by 128%

    • App store keywords localization
    • Title and description localization
    • Copywriting for ASO

    A proven process that increases your campaigns’ conversion rate.

  • We pick the best Search Engine Marketing linguists out of our 1,600 experts to localize your marketing campaigns and adapt them to every market.

  • Your creative messages are improved, with wording and styles polished according to your brand guidelines and social channel policies.

  • We optimize your bidding and targeting options, to make sure your messages reach the right audience in every market, at the lowest possible cost.
  • Wide-ranging projects for extraordinary clients

    The largest project in the translation industry

    Translated localized the entire Airbnb platform to make it available in over 60 languages, completing the project through a perfect symbiosis of professional translators and machine translation (ModernMT), allowing Airbnb to expand its reach to a billion new people in only three months. Based on the number of languages and words to be translated, the project is now considered the largest private-sector contract in the industry.

    Localization of marketing assets

    We have supported NordVPN with their internationalization strategy since 2019, localizing their website, app, PPC, and Social Ads content into 30+ languages and for a total of over six million words. NordVPN is now the #1 provider in the world, and thanks to the localization plan we created together, including quick turnaround times and easy communication between teams, their presence is both local and global.

    Creative localization for global adherence

    Benetton embraces our human-centric culture and shares our symbiotic approach to translation. We have localized fashion marketing content into 60+ languages, including press releases and statements, articles, corporate presentations, website content and product descriptions, for more than 2 million words successfully delivered since 2005.

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    Cutting-edge technology to unleash creativity

    Translated has been pioneering solutions to support professional translators since 1999. Our technology has received several accolades, including Gartner Cool Vendor and the TAUS Innovation Contest, and has been recognized by the European Commission as one of the best AI research projects.

    Our products help localization professionals focus on the creative part of translation, and ultimately provide consistently high-quality translations, faster.

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