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Make your customer support multilingual.

As you grow, long-tail customers in every corner of the world expect to interact with you and your products in their own languages and dialects, especially when it comes to chats. We offer a simple yet powerful Adaptive Neural Machine Translation API that can also be integrated with professional translation services, to seemlessly translate your inbound and outbound messages.

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from $4 / 1000 words

A quick and cost-effective solution that allows you to translate any inbound and outbound messages, istantaneously, in 201 languages. All based on the simple yet powerful REST API of ModernMT, our Adaptive Neural MT system.


from $40 / 1000 words

In addition to the ModernMT REST API, we can provide the review and correction of the machine translated output, until your desired CSAT score is reached. You can assign different review budgets to each language.


from $80 / 1000 words

In addition to the ModernMT REST API, we can provide a professional translation of the whole dataset in any languages you require. This ensures top quality from the very first interaction with your users.

Supported Chatbot Frameworks

About chatbot translations

Chatbots and machine learning are changing the face of business.

A chatbot is an AI-powered program that you can “chat with.” Many businesses have already considered the use of these “virtual assistants” for customer service or tech support purposes, because they make it easy to answer user queries in real-time through a messaging platform using the power of machine learning.

Chatbots typically integrate with messaging apps such as WeChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc., and they seem destined to become the preferred channel for conversational commerce, whether it’s for ordering sushi, booking flights, or buying tickets for a concert – anything goes.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology needed to build chatbots is becoming more and more accessible, and these programs can help you understand the root causes underlying your clients’ purchases and their satisfaction (or lack thereof) by learning from the data gleaned from their conversations.

A real digital revolution is happening in the world of communication, and multilingual chatbots are part of it.

The chatbot marketplace is growing fast

"By 2020, clients will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human" - Gartner Predicts

There are three types of chatbots: those based on rules, those based on ML (machine learning) technology, and those based on both. The former are more limited and cannot evolve, while chatbots based on ML are smarter and can improve, since they learn from their conversations with users.

Translated has always driven innovation in the translation industry by leveraging machine learning and AI in the tools, processes, and products we develop to help our professional translators and Project Managers improve the quality and turnaround times of their daily work. MateCat and ModernMT are the latest proprietary products that we have launched. MateCat online, free, and open source computer-assisted translation tool that provides translators with revolutionary new functions, such as real-time learning from user corrections, automatic tag placement, and instant quality estimation, while ModernMT is a latest-generation machine translation engine that can automatically translate texts by selecting the most appropriate translation for each word according to the context.

We make your chatbots multilingual

"Language is one of the most important components of customer communications, especially when it comes to customer care." - CRM magazine

As of June 2016, only 26% of the Internet population used English as their browsing or messaging language. However, the bots present on the market today are primarily built and designed exclusively in English. Upgrading your bot to work in multiple languages and for multiple audiences gives your business a great opportunity to expand to non-English speaking markets, but it requires the same cultural awareness needed to design and translate your website to give it a local feel. Translated has been offering translation services for over 20 years through a network of 596,575 vetted professional native translators from all over the world. We can provide quality services from professional translations to sentence generation in over 201 languages.

We can test and fine-tune your chatbots

One challenge when testing multilingual bots is that each language is meant for users from different cultures. Aspects such as text direction, measurements, and currency must therefore be considered, and your chatbot’s sentences must be specifically adapted to the local cultural context, guaranteeing that the translation is accurate and understandable in the target country: a genuine localization process.

We can test your localized bot, taking care of test environment setup, test case design, test execution, and fine-tuning translations.

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