Website & E-commerce Translations

Translating a website lets you reach thousands of new visitors and potential clients online. Offering your products or services to an international audience provides exposure and significant growth potential for your business.

According to a study conducted by CSA Research, 76% of consumers prefer to find information on websites and e-commerce platforms in their own language, while 40% state that they would never buy from websites in a language other than their own.

  • E-commerce websites
  • Blogs
  • Information websites
  • Personal websites
  • Product descriptions
  • Community-building websites
  • Press releases

Why Translated?

Experience and Trust

Since 1999, we have delivered translations in 201 languages to 40 clients in 40 macro-domains, powering the globalization strategy of the world’s most demanding companies.

Open Technology

We work hard to make translation services more effective by enhancing our production processes with great technology and talented people. Our APIs help you integrate human translation anywhere and anytime you need.

Dedicated Human Support

Localization experts to support your internationalization journey and linguistic services that cover all your future needs.

How it works

Our website translation services offer several ways to carry out the translation process, depending on your needs.

1. Integration within your website or CMS

With this option, you can directly connect your backend to our system and send any content for translation without going back and forth over email. Our integration solutions for website translation include:

  • WordPress integration: In just a few easy steps, you can connect the WPML plugin for WordPress websites to our CAT tool, MateCat, and receive the translations back in WordPress, ready to be published. Find out more here.
  • Shopify integration: Simply add Translated as an app for your Shopify store, select the content you want to translate, and send it to us via your Shopify backend. Follow the instructions here to get started.
  • Other CMS: Integrate our API with your custom CMS to get translations delivered back to your website automatically. Find out more here.
2. Translation of exported files

Every CMS has its own way to export content, such as a .csv, .xliff, .html, .json or .xml file. Whatever the source file type, we can keep your tags intact thanks to our proprietary translation software, and you can easily import the translations back into your CMS with just a few clicks.

3. Translation of content in text format

If you already have your website content in a text file, such as a Word or an Excel file, we can translate it and deliver it back to you in the exact same format.

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