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What is TranslationOS?

TranslationOS is the first TMS that directly connects your content with a team of committed linguists, selected from a pool of 620,066 freelancers, trained on your style guides and managed by experienced Language Leads and Project Managers. Customizable dashboards give you access to any KPI that is important to you, including financial projections, quality performance, and information about the linguists involved in your projects.

Discover TranslationOS

Manage unpredictable translation volumes

Products releases, urgent requests, and market volatility are the first causes of unpredictable variations in translation volumes, and they require extraordinary workforce capacities. TranslationOS always grants you access to the ideal translators for your project, relying on our team of 620,066 linguists.

Support more languages, increase your reach

As you grow, long-tail customers in every corner of the world expect to interact with you and your products in their own languages and dialects. TranslationOS has built-in coverage of 203 languages and 1,600 language pairs, including several minority languages for the Indian and African markets.

Accelerate global product releases, sell faster

The world's most influential companies release their products simultaneously in every country. That's hard to achieve, and you can't afford any surprises. TranslationOS offers unprecedented features for content reuse and continuous localization which can cut release turnarounds from weeks to days.

Remove unnecessary intermediation costs

The money wasted on redundant management activities rather than improving quality is often too difficult to quantify. TranslationOS relies on AI to allow a "project management by exception" approach: any tasks where humans are prone to mistakes are fully automated.

Powered by the next-generation vendor model

Freelance capacity meets in-house engagement

The scalable capacity of a freelance community of 620,066 professionals meets the engagement of an in-house workforce, thanks to a 5-step selection process that identifies the top performers for your dedicated team, and an on-site, high-touch training based on your unique guidelines.

Multi-vendor power meets platform simplicity

Risk management, cost benchmarking, time zone coverage, and unbiased objectivity are all valuable aspects of the multi-vendor approach: they are all built-in in TranslationOS. The platform is designed to facilitate strategic business and financial decisions at an executive level while also allowing the integration of your own vendors.

Fully-managed service meets off-the-shelf TMS

TranslationOS is a ready-to-use Translation Management System designed and developed to be extremely transparent, including the names, rate, and performance of all linguists involved. However by default, all localization processes are fully managed, either by smart technologies such as T—Rank or by our experienced localization managers.

Transparency is control.

Know your linguists.

Traditionally, vendors rely on intermediated outsourcing where the freelancer is the last ring of a very long chain. Most often, you never know who has worked on the translations you receive. We have nothing to hide: TranslationOS gives you complete visibility on the people involved in every project, at both project management and linguist level.

Don't react. Predict.

The typical vendor model forces clients to adopt a reactive approach. The cost of fixing quality errors and missed revenues from delayed launches are hard to predict. TranslationOS stimulates proactive solutions by forecasting key aspects such as financial needs vs. real-time run rate of current purchase orders, or linguist capacity vs. daily volumes.

Make informed business decisions.

The lack of tools that measure and track your translation costs prevents you from improving your globalization processes. TranslationOS comes with comprehensive financial, productivity, and quality dashboards that allow you to make the most informed business decisions, at both the project and workflow level.

Retrieve translations at any time.

Forget the never-ending email exchanges and time wasted in opening dozens of files to retrieve a single sentence and its translation. Thanks to an advanced content search function, your translations are always accessible from TranslationOS, and if you want, you can check them in context within the translator's workspace.

TranslationOS comes with

Integrations and data intake

TranslationOS can be connected to 21 third-party tools, including GitHub, and by default manages 71 file formats. Plus, we can develop any additional custom connector if needed.

Smart workflow automation

TranslationOS makes continuous localization easier and smarter, merging the flow of strings into tasks to maximize translators' acceptance rate and content reuse.

Automated resource management

T—Rank is built into TranslationOS and manages linguists' turnover and job assignment, based on linguists' immediate availability, level of qualification, and performance.

Built-in professional productivity tools

TranslationOS comes with all the latest translation technologies. MateCat for productivity, LexiQA for Quality Assurance, and ModernMT for Neural Adaptive Machine Translation.

Business Intelligence

A transparent and data-driven approach to finance, productivity, and quality. All data is available on your customizable dashboards, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Continuous improvement

Four levels of quality feedback that let the system improve in real-time. Tools to allow reviewers, project managers, clients, and end-users to express their satisfaction for each job.

Comparing TranslationOS

In-House Linguists
Multiple Vendors
A team of linguists
hired directly by you
Outsource to multiple
translation agencies
Managed platform with
a built-in team of 620,066 linguists
On-boarding, training,
and turnover of linguists
Slow recruitment
High-touch, on-site training
High additional costs
Fast recruitment
Remote training
No additional costs
Fast recruitment
High-touch, on-site training
No additional costs
Project Management Multiple time zone coverage
Additional costs
Multiple time zone coverage
No additional costs
Multiple time zone coverage
No additional costs
Language Management High-touch, on-site training
Additional costs
Not included or remote training
No additional costs
High-touch, on-site training
No additional costs
Copywriters None None
High-touch, on-site training
No additional costs
Capacityfor volumes and languages Very limited Limited or intermediatedunknown sub-contractors
added to reach capacity
Excellent620,066 linguists already available
and 203 languages
Language expansion turnarounds 1 year (avg.)for 25 new languages 3 months (avg.)for 25 new languages 1 month (guaranteed)for 25 new languages
Control and transparency Names of linguists
Cost of linguists
Performance of linguists
Hidden or scarce visibility
due to intermediation
Names of linguists
Cost of linguists
Performance of linguists
Translation Memory Noneor commercial solution Included Included
Machine Translation Noneor commercial solution Noneor commercial solution IncludedAdaptive Neural MT integrated
into the translation environment
Negotiation Medium High Medium-high
Admin overheadper year High Medium Low

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