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Translated empowers companies to undertake groundbreaking projects that effectively communicate with multilingual audiences by bringing together exceptional actors, best-performing linguists, and expressive AI voices.

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Success Stories

A custom voice model for specific needs

We cast top voice actors, creating a unique vocal style for Loquis to generate 100,000 minutes of content.

Speaking the customer’s language – literally

We localized Cricut's onboarding video library (25 videos, 100+ minutes) in five languages over two weeks.

video marketing

We helped Asana deliver a 12-video branding campaign series by dubbing the content in three different locales.

Expressive AI voices based on exceptional actors

Translated's voice services are based on the talents of exceptional actors, whose voices are recorded in our studio and scaled using proprietary artificial intelligence. By combining extensive expertise in audio and voice production with the power of AI, we specialize in creating voices that have a human feel and resonate with the target audience.

Available in 68 languages and over 40 subject areas

Our extensive network of audiovisual linguists covers 68 languages in over 40 domains, including e-learning, finance, medicine, and tourism, ensuring that we can deliver the right voices tailored to the needs of each project.

Our services

Voice recording and dubbing

Top-quality equipment and setup to produce original as well as dubbed soundtracks with human or AI voices


Selection of the best talent for each role from our worldwide pool of professional voice talents

APIs for large-scale automated voicing

A powerful set of APIs at your disposal to automatically generate speech in every language

Mix and postproduction

Expert team of sound editors ensuring seamless quality of the delivered audio, for every platform and application

Custom AI voice creation

From creative consultancy to dataset creation and AI model training, an end-to-end multilingual service to craft the AI voices that speak for you

Sound synchronization

Audio edited by native speakers to ensure the soundtrack matches with the action on screen, in every language

Your all-in-one global partner

Rapidly scalable
voice services

Our network consists of 300,000 vetted, native-speaking linguists and voice actors. We rely on AI to pair each project with the most appropriate resources. We can handle several hundred minutes of content in weeks and complete smaller projects in days–all across 68 languages.

High-quality dubbing
in record time

Our cutting-edge neural synthesis engine can produce speech that has natural prosody, rhythm, and tone. We incorporate the world's #1 machine translation in our dubbing software to increase quality while reducing delivery time by two-thirds.

Cost-effective projects
with remarkable ROIs

We enable partners to easily scale dubbing projects by reducing voice recording costs. With our expressive, AI-generated voices, we can produce voiceovers at 1/3 of the standard cost, translating content into 3 locales with a budget generally allocated for one.

A social impact
for our AI voices

Voice is the tool we use to express language, the most human thing we have. Through it, we understand each other and convey our culture. For this reason, we started a project named Voice for Purpose, aimed at providing authentic-sounding voices to the vocally impaired. We’re proud of the endorsement this project has received from the World Health Organization.

We develop dubbing solutions for growing businesses

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