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A powerful and revolutionary selection process for building high-capacity, highly engaged teams of linguists dedicated to your projects.

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Why is this different?

While in-house localization teams provide high quality, they offer limited capacity and are scarcely scalable. This increases the turnaround time for the launch of your products or services, and sometimes forces you to find multiple vendors that can cover the whole workload. This is why we've designed a selection process that combines the qualities of the traditional vendor approach with the scalability of 620,066 linguists, ultimately building a high-capacity, highly engaged team to support your global ambitions.

4 data points to reach
an incredibly accurate qualification score


T‑Rank A Priori™ is a revolutionary AI-based technology that can pre-screen hundreds of thousands of profiles in seconds, analyzing their resumes just like a human would. It assigns each profile a score from 1 to 100, and our experienced Vendor Managers are usually 95% in agreement with this score, thus allowing only the top 10% of the profiles to move on to the next steps.

Why not manual screening?
Statistically, the higher the quality of the team you wish to create, the higher the number of candidates you need to screen. For example, working with the top 1% of all the profiles in 30 languages would mean screening 30,000 profiles, a task that would take an experienced Vendor Manager two years to complete. Also, most vendors do not have access to such a large number of profiles.


Because T‑Rank A Priori™ lets us focus on the top 10% of performers, our Vendor Managers can concentrate on analyzing the fit level of each with the specific client, also indicating whether a certain linguist has previous experience with similar accounts.

Why is the fit level important?
Typically, in-house localization teams do not cover all areas of expertise. For instance, a translator with expertise in the medical field frequently ends up working for a legal project in order to cover workload peaks.


For us, understanding our clients is a fundamental part of the selection process. We create an ad-hoc qualification survey that linguists must complete after a preliminary introduction to your style guides. Not only does this assess their understanding of your brand and mission: experience has taught us that it is an excellent way to identify the most professional candidates in consideration of the effort they put in this step.

Why do we need a survey?
The value of client-specific style guides is often underestimated, and linguists are usually only provided this kind of information when the project has already started. Agencies have little to no control over linguists' understanding of the client's brand and mission, but this component can make a huge difference when you seek to achieve certain quality standards.


We have each translation test evaluated three times, by three different qualified revisers. The single, final score is obtained by averaging the two closest evaluations. This lets us exclude the outlier, who may be either an overly strict or overly lenient reviser.

Why three different evaluations?
Translation tests are widely used in the industry. Most times, however, each translation test is evaluated just once. This approach has two limitations: first, when an agency has too many tests to evaluate, the tendency is to split them among revisers, making the final scores hardly comparable. Second, a single evaluation is too subject to natural human bias, and often good candidates can be excluded while bad ones are included simply because the reviser was too strict, or too lenient.

A team composed of top performers

The score qualifying a candidate to be part of your team is obtained by combining the results of all the steps above to give rise to the most accurate result possible. In doing so, only linguists that consistently performed at the top are included in your dedicated team. Your project is off to a good start!

High-touch training for increased engagement

Engagement is what makes in-house teams so powerful, and ultimately guarantees top-quality standards. Through high-touch customized training at the Translated HQ, we make sure that the selected team of linguists fully understands your requirements, feels responsible for the project, and is highly committed to your mission.

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