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Why Translated?

Legal Expertise

Since 1999, we have provided legal translation services to customers around the world thanks to our professional legal translators.


We understand how important confidentiality is with legal translations. That’s why we protect your data by using a secure platform and offering a signed NDA.

Personalized Service

A dedicated Account Manager will be your point of contact for all of your translation needs.

What Are Legal Translations?

The translation of legal documents entails very specific knowledge and understanding of the legal system in the target languages and the countries of interest.

Laws and regulations are dynamic and constantly change, not only from one country to another but also from one year to the next. Whether you’re translating an employment contract or business policies, precision and correct usage of the right terminology are key factors in order to meet high quality standards.

How We Guarantee Quality

We work with professional native linguists who are not only specialized in translation, but who also have relevant experience in the legal field. Our team of vetted legal translators has a background in legal studies and previous experience in translating legal content.

Furthermore, before delivering any legal translations back to you, we also carry out specific Quality Assurance procedures where we check again for consistency and terminology, ensuring top quality.

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