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Our solutions for dubbing and voice over

Voice translation

Professional AI dubbing

Extraordinary voice translation features

Unparalleled human-like voiceprint

Our native language experts adapt each voice’s tone, personality, and pacing to mirror the original ones, crafting fluent and human-like speech.

Large library of professional voices

We can give your characters their own voice, localized in foreign languages, or you can pick a native professional voice according to your needs.

Transferring original sounds to the target

We transfer the entire original audiovisual experience to the target audience, no matter how many speakers, music, and sound effects are involved.

Matching cultural accuracy

Our professional linguists, powered by Translated’s superior MT engine and the innovative WYLIWYG platform, deliver top-notch translations, ensuring that every character says the right words in every target language.

Our AI-powered technology


A first-of-its-kind AI-Powered dubbing tool that time-locates, transcribes, and translates the text, offering linguists an innovative WYLIWYG (What You Listen Is What You Get) work environment to craft the text and audio interactively.


In Matedub, translators work with a custom adaptive MT model based on ModernMT, Translated's leading adaptive machine translation system ( IDC, 2022). The MT system learns from previous translations and improves in real-time through corrections, adapting to context.


T-Rank is our AI-powered talent selection tool that selects the best linguists, called transvoicers, who are trained on audiovisual content out of our network of 549,754 native-speaking professional translators. Transvoicers edit translations to help the AI voice mimic the feeling and intonation of the original voice.

Benefits of video and audio localization

Expand global reach

By translating audiovisual content into different languages, you can gain access to local markets and help people access information and services, increasing conversion rates.

Enhance customer experience

Create more personalized and engaging customer experiences by using human-like voices to respond to customer inquiries in a natural and conversational way.

Improve user accessibility

Create accessible versions of digital content, like podcasts, audiobooks, and video transcripts for people who are blind or have impaired vision.

A social impact for our AI voices

Voice is the tool we use to express language, the most human thing we have. Through it, we understand each other and convey our culture. For this reason, we started a project named Voice for Purpose, aimed at providing authentic-sounding voices to the vocally impaired. We’re proud of the endorsement this project has received from the World Health Organization.

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