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How human-machine symbiosis increases sales

You’ve spent countless hours crafting the perfect description for your products, choosing the words to convey the right emotions to your customers. To reach more people, now it’s time to do the same again, but in a language you don’t speak.

Relying on raw machine translation alone isn’t ideal.

We’ve all seen lots of product descriptions that are impossible to understand. But we believe that a symbiotic combination of human creativity and machine intelligence is the key to shaping those emotions in your customers' language. That’s why we’ve developed technology, including MyMemory (the world’s largest collaborative translation memory) and ModernMT (neural machine translation) to help our translators cut out repetitive tasks.

This allows them to focus on what’s more important: linguistic and cultural nuances that will attract the attention of global customers and increase visits to your stores.

A comparison between raw machine translation
and symbiotic collaboration

Original sentence in French:

“Il n'est pas si facile de choisir un bon avocat, c'est a dire avec du gout”.


“It is not so easy to choose a good lawyer, that is to say with taste”.

This translation is done with Google Translate and is what you get from automatic translation apps on Shopify Marketplace.

Supervised by humans

“It is not so easy to choose a good avocado, that is to say with taste”.

This translation is done with Translated’s technology and is supervised by a professional translator to eliminate the most serious errors.

Crafted by humans

“Picking a good avocado is not easy at all, i.e one that is tasty”.

This translation is done entirely by a professional translator, supported by Translated’s technology. It is carefully crafted to perfectly convey your original message.

How does it work


Install the Translated app for Shopify. This will allow you to select the items you want to translate.


We will count the words, taking into account repetitions (no need to pay twice for something that only needs to be translated once) and will get back to you with a comprehensive and competitive quote to discuss.


Once you order, we will deliver the translations directly to your Shopify store, ready to be published and to generate new orders. Our support team will guide you through all the steps.

How much does it cost?

Human supervised

Machine translation

Human editing

Light edit of a machine-generated translation by a native professional translator to remove the most serious errors.

US$ 0.05/word
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Crafted by human

Human translator

Quality control

Translation by a native professional translator. Quality evaluation by a second native professional translator. Final quality control by a dedicated project manager. Translation memory included upon request.

US$ 0.10/word
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