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May 7, 2024
We have integrated ModernMT's adaptive neural machine translation model as the default MT engine in Matecat, our AI-based open-source CAT tool, available free of charge to all users. This improvement will benefit translators, clients, and the entire language industry. Learn why and how.
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May 3, 2024
Early this morning, Translated 9 arrived in Cowes (UK) and successfully completed the Ocean Globe Race 2023. By winning the first two legs and dominating the next two before suffering hull damage and resuming twice, Translated 9 took us all on a one-of-a-kind emotional journey and demonstrated the value of determination and resilience.
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Mar 7, 2024
Translated’s Research Center, Imminent, will fund 5 original research projects that explore the most advanced frontiers in language services. The call is open to startup founders, researchers, innovators, authors, university labs, organizations, and companies worldwide.
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Mar 6, 2024
After overcoming the challenges of Cape Horn and repairing significant hull damage in the Falklands, Translated 9 has set sail today for the fourth leg of the Ocean Globe Race. In a display of resilience, innovation, and collective effort, our crew is ready to face the final part of the competition with a commitment to win.
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Feb 8, 2024
An independent study led by Achim Ruopp, founder of Polyglot Technology, has demonstrated how ModernMT's adaptive MT solution can outperform major publicly available MT systems, including Deepl and Google Translate, and even state-of-the-art GenAI, in real-use cases.
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Feb 6, 2024
Our sailboat, competing in the third leg of the Ocean Globe Race, has just passed the Everest of sailing in extreme conditions with 40 knot winds and 7 meter waves.
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Jan 12, 2024
Our ocean crossing sailboat will set sail on January 14th for the second leg of the Ocean Globe Race, from Auckland (NZ) to Punta del Este (YI) through the challenging rounding of Cape Horn.
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Dec 19, 2023
Today, we unveiled Human-in-the-Loop, the first dynamic, adaptive machine translation (MT) system that enables enterprises to continually improve MT quality in real-time through a unique symbiosis between humans and machines.
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Dec 12, 2023
Translated 9 won the second leg of the Ocean Globe Race, taking a trio of titles: first in Line Honors, IRC, and Flyer Class. On board was a representative of the localization industry: Paul Marshall. Our sailboat is now the leader of the regatta.
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Oct 25, 2023
Today, we unveiled a new ModernMT model that empowers companies to translate billions of words at ultra-fast speeds without compromising quality. It is domain-specific and designed for use cases such as translating UGC, datasets, and web content.
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Oct 21, 2023
Our sailboat completed the first leg of the Ocean Globe Race in 7,301 nautical miles after 40 days of sailing. On board were two representatives of the localization industry: Teresa Marshall (Salesforce VP) and our CEO, Marco Trombetti. We're now leading the race!
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Oct 12, 2023
Translated’s new voice translation service seamlessly blends transcription, machine translation, expert linguists, and voice cloning technologies. Creators and companies now have complete control over their messaging and can rely on the hallmark of their own voice to reach a global audience.
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Sep 14, 2023
At a time when artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating the headlines, Translated’s commercial aims to celebrate the immeasurable value that people bring to the world of translation and shine a spotlight on the role of humans in the advancement of technology.
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Sep 10, 2023
The crew of our sailboat Translated 9 set sail yesterday from Southampton in the Ocean Globe Race 2023, one of the world’s most adventurous sailing races, to shine a spotlight on human values and attitudes at a time when the world’s gaze is focused on artificial intelligence (AI).
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Aug 29, 2023
ModernMT V7 now has a redesigned glossary feature that gives clients the ability to enforce preferred terminology in the machine translation output. It also scans content to prevent potential cultural offenses.
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Jul 27, 2023
The latest version of ModernMT (version 7) enhances translation quality by up to 42% using Trust Attention, a novel technique developed by Translated that links the origin of data to its impact on translation accuracy, paving the way for accuracy improvement in generative AI.
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Jul 12, 2023
Our machine translation (MT) system now leverages up to 100,000 words of document content to provide translation suggestions, drastically reducing the time to edit MT suggestions (TTE). The upgrade is available at no extra cost to translators and clients.
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Jun 8, 2023
In this article, we explain the reasons behind our decision to split the additional benefits of using adaptive machine translation with our translators. We also describe our approach to calculating the word count.
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Jun 5, 2023
Combining our state-of-the-art machine translation with OpenAI's GPT-4, our new service T-LM provides companies with a cost-effective solution to create and restructure content in 200 languages, bridging the performance gap between GPT-4 in English and in other languages.
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Jun 1, 2023
Translated’s research center, Imminent, previewed the new issue at a live event with business leaders, top linguists, and researchers who have contributed to the report.
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May 17, 2023
Matecat's latest update eliminates the need to look up context-specific word meanings externally. It also introduces declension recognition, increasing glossary matches in the source text and reducing false positives in terminology QA like never before in a CAT tool
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Apr 26, 2023
Our adaptive MT technology now supports 200 languages, up from 56, setting an industry benchmark. With a potential reach of 6.5 billion native speakers, we empower enterprises to establish stronger global connections, promoting seamless communication and understanding.
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Mar 9, 2023
Watch the keynote from the conference that broke industry records for live attendance. In his talk, our CEO Marco Trombetti addresses the impact of ChatGPT and other large language models on the translation industry.
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Feb 6, 2023
Translated presented today the project 'Voice for Purpose'. The initiative was made possible thanks to advancements in AI voice generation, which Translated has pioneered to provide high-quality audiovisual localization services on a large scale.
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Feb 2, 2023
The latest CSA Research Vendor Briefing outlines how Translated’s MT offers compelling advantages over previous generations of neural MT and has strengthened its position as a market leader.
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Jan 17, 2023
We have been recognized as a Leader in the MarketScape “Worldwide Machine Translation Software 2022 Vendor Assessment” by IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services for information technology.
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Dec 21, 2022
Translated has estimated what will happen when machine translation performs as well as the best professional translators. The estimation is based on data about the evolving quality of MT and the increased return on investments when combining professionals with adaptive MT.
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Dec 16, 2022
Translated announces a collaboration with UniCamillus, the international medical university in Rome, to bring the UniCamillus Global Health Journal online in 28 languages using our adaptive machine translation.
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Nov 28, 2022
Translated ranks first among companies employing remote workers in the translation industry according to an independent research project run by the Oxford Internet Institute and the Berlin Social Science Center.
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Oct 11, 2022
We are introducing a first-of-its-kind marketing localization suite that enables companies and agencies to localize their ads in more than 201 languages and adapt them for hundreds of channels, including search engines, social media, and e-commerce platforms.
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Sep 8, 2022
We released an official Shopify app that enables the platform's users to take advantage of the same powerful symbiosis between human and machine translation services relied upon by e-commerce leaders such as Faire,, and ManoMano to localize in up to 194 native languages.
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Jul 21, 2022
Fabio Minazzi, former Localization Director of Keywords Studios after merging his company with it, will lead a new Audiovisual team to further expand Translated’s presence in the audiovisual localization services for the professional market.
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Jun 9, 2022
Translated has been included in the Gartner’s 2022 Market Guide for AI-Enabled Translation Services. We are the only companies providing established translation services and the best adaptive machine translation.
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May 25, 2022
We’ve just released Matesub, an innovative AI- and web-based subtitling tool developed to help subtitlers and companies craft higher quality subtitles in less time.
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Translated merges with ModernMT and releases 9 new languages

May 12, 2022
Translated has finalized the merge with ModernMT, one of the best 3 performing customized MT engines. ModernMT provides state-of-the-art neural machine translation as a service that learns from translation memories and translators' corrections, adapting them to the context.
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Translated Featured on Fortune Cover
“Challenging Elon Musk”

Jan 31, 2022
Our company has been featured on the cover of the February issue of Fortune magazine Italy dedicated to the local artificial intelligence ecosystem. In an interview, Translated CEO Marco Trombetti talks about the search for singularity in the language.
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Translated Signs the Largest Private Deal in the History of Translation

Nov 24, 2021
We signed a deal with Airbnb to provide the hosting platform with a combination of professional and machine translation to make all the content on the platform available in 62 languages.
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CEO Marco Trombetti Invited to Speak at NVIDIA Global AI Conference GTC

Nov 10, 2021
Translated CEO Marco Trombetti gave a talk at NVIDIA’s game-changing AI developer conference to show how our context-aware machine translation works to deliver closest-to-human MT.
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Einstein’s Father Hydropower Plant Powering Our Carbon-Free Translations

Sep 30, 2021
The rise in our energy consumption due to the increasing demand for our AI-powered solutions led us to look for a clean source of energy. In the end, we bought a hydropower plant from 1895 and restored it.
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Translated Closes an Investment Round With Leading Growth-Stage Fund Ardian

Jun 30, 2021
Since our range of services is closing in on our vision of allowing everyone to understand and be understood in their own language, we’ve raised funds to scale the adoption of our symbiotic approach to translation.
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Taking Part in the Ocean Globe Race to Prove Humans Can't Be Replaced

Mar 24, 2021
While AI is increasingly important in our services, we firmly believe that humans can’t be replaced. To demonstrate this, we’re taking part in a round-the-world regatta with ships without modern technology aboard.
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Translated’s “Lara” Brand Campaign
A Short Movie on the Power of Language

Dec 22, 2020
We launched an international brand campaign to draw people into a magical world of translation, where communication and words are our endless source of inspiration.
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At Translated, We Believe in Humans Why Our Values Mean So Much to Us

Nov 5, 2020
We design our services and our community around people. Because humans make the difference, and language is the most human thing out there. Here’s our Manifesto.
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Translated to Provide EU Parliament With Real-Time Speech Translation AI

Aug 3, 2020
We will transcribe and translate parliamentary debates into the 24 official EU languages to facilitate communication between members, open up debates to citizens, and improve accessibility
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New Services for Ongoing Support During the Covid Crisis

Mar 15, 2020
We’ve developed a range of new services that reflect the urgency of the Covid-19 crisis to help companies communicate quickly and clearly with their employees and customers.
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How We Help Companies Grow on Amazon With Listing Localization and More

Mar 1, 2020
You can now take advantage of our services directly in the Amazon Marketplace. We offer listing localization, accurate keyword optimization, compelling creativity, and more.
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Translated Is 20 Years Old This Year! And We're Still Moving Forward

Jul 1, 2019
It means the world to us, which is why the team has decided to split up and simultaneously travel to 18 cities worldwide to celebrate with our closest partners: translators.
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Translated Has a New Face! And a New Expanded Range of Services

Dec 3, 2018
We’ve launched our new website and brand identity in collaboration with some of the best designers in the world. We took this amazing opportunity to expand our range.
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